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  1. Adrienne Macklin

    I see this after buying Kat Von D’s Go Big or Go Home mascara yesterday🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Valentina Manzano


  3. Genesis Baculbas



    Looks like Chanel’s mascara has some competition in my makeup bag lol

  5. Ari

    It would be great if the mascara comes in more colors, since is for a natural look, some people like me have pretty blonde hair and fair skin so the black mascara does not sweet our complexion…But taking that, I love it! It sounds promising

  6. Ebo J.

    Ooooooo! Let me quit messing around and use this gift card 💖

  7. OkayyyKeisha

    Okay Blush and Lashes now and we'll be done ✔!!!!

    I see the brow product isnt a fan fav from the reviews on her website but ill get it just for the novelty at this rate.

    And im glad she finally has eyeshadow pallets that work from 445 skin tones on down i.e. very deep. Bc that pallet with the galaxy paint and blue casing wasnt it!!

    And i refuse to buy a pallet that doesnt have a crease shade for me to create depth in my eyeshadow looks. Not to mention i generally do soft glam everyday anyway so a deeper than my skin tone warm brow shade is a must. (Like the snap shadows in shade 3)

  8. Leera

    Wow sweat proof Mascara. Come thru Queen Rihanna😘💖💖💖


    It’s just a mascara, very straight forward so why did I want this video to be longer? 😂🥴Man! Show me the application process, everything 🤣

  10. Blake

    Fenty was listening to us!!!!

    Ok people!! Let's list again what makeup that Fenty doesn't have!!

  11. sophia collins


  12. Lilybeth Vallejo Zambrano

    Her hairstyle is bomb

  13. MiDeng17

    FUCKING FENTY! I can’t pay for this and Beyonce adidas collab!

  14. cocochanel00

    YESSSSSS!! I knew mascara was gonna follow the eyeshadow palettes!!!!!! I held off buying the Iconic London one the other day in Morphe because I had a feeling I’d need my coins for another Fenty spend!!!! My inner voice never lies! I’m waiting for this to drop, I pray I won’t have to wait for long 😩😩😩

  15. Cloee Soler

    I've had a similar mascara for 2 years now. Love it, and is super cheap and just everything she said in the video

  16. Milkxo Honey

    How much of my money do you want Riri?!? 😭

  17. Kami Nelson

    Sigh….still no music…..by imma buy it, because I'm sure it will be bomb like everything thing you do.

  18. Ruby Aponte

    Maybe some matte blushes next 🤭😉

  19. Karen Polanco

    It’s DOESNT seem like they are using fake lashes, so I’ll definitely try this mascara

  20. Scarlett Phoenix

    I hope Fenty Beauty completely annihilates Kyie Cosmetics. Kylie grew her brand on deceit and lies.

  21. jorge oliveira

    When will it arrive at Sephora stores in Rio de Janeiro?

  22. BlackGirlLovesAnime6

    Yes! Looks great for people like me who want full long lashes but are scared of fake ones. Now all I need is a beauty guru to review it to make sure lol

  23. Ari Anator

    Fenty beauty just birthing new products every single day 🙌🏻

  24. Kitty's cats - Cat channel

    It looks gorgeous! Man… these people aren't playing around!

  25. Tk Baby

    The name though.. EPIC!😂

  26. Zsofia Stevanović

    you know this be THE mascara. our queen RiRi made that

  27. peachy cheeks

    Does Fenty test on animals?

  28. lynsie.bear

    Miss Robyn Rihanna Fenty at this rate, you gotta get your own cosmetic boutique, like a Sephora. You're close with LVHM… Let's go ham for this new decade.
    I can imagine telling my kids "Let's stop at FENTY'S to get some eyeliner before heading home"
    It's possible! 🌠

  29. lynsie.bear

    Me: Plans to save my coins in 2020 cuz college tuition is important 📚 and these loans ain't gonna pay itself

    Madam Fenty releases Snap Shadows and Full Frontal mascara

    Also me: I hate to say & I hope I don't sound ridiculous… but I don't know who this tuition is… I mean she could be walking down the street and I wouldn't know a thing. Sorry to this tuition 🙇

  30. Mentalia

    the real question is: does it hold my straight asian lashes up? 🙁

  31. Dominique Z

    i remember buying the Maybelline mascara with rihanna on it in 2012
    i can't wait for this. so legit

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