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  1. Artem Lebedev

    I'm sure the best diet instruction is on woopep. I just love it !

  2. Seif Nasser

    Keep up the good work u made me loose 10kg im really proud because i was one of ur 50subs

  3. Walter Bruce

    I have been taking Weight loss green store tea for 2 months now and I have already lost 15.5 pounds. I also noticed the energy boost. I practically rely on this product when it comes to my every day productivity. Because of this, I get to accomplish more things plus I get to exercise even after a tiring day.

  4. Sub Man

    what if i play football or field hockey…recommend leg exercise for that

  5. Ray Vegan

    Great Video! Love your detailed exercise explanations and the EOY dinner! All the best!

  6. Gone with the Kale

    I'm slightly confused: Do I do 8 rounds of Armadillos first, then the next 8 rounds are Skip Lunges? Or, are they alternated in between the 10 second rest (jogging in place) periods? Thanks heaps in advance!

  7. Firas -

    Arms, shoulders, back, abs, and chest

  8. Lulus Dreamtown

    Do you workout with weights too? 🙂 would love to see weight lifting videos 🙂

  9. Justin

    I started doing Tabata-style workouts once a week in addition to the rest of my workouts throughout the week… and Tabata REALLY is tiring, but so worth it. It can be really painful and you'll easy run out of the breath, but as you said you burn so much more faster and you feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards. 🙂

  10. Matt Cama

    Hope you enjoyed this video! I'm curious… what's your favourite leg exercise?

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