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  1. Jay Blueberry

    Who wouldn't know what a food allergie is

  2. Stan Marsh

    yo this bitch has the opacity on her eyebrows turned way the fuck down

  3. Stan Marsh

    0/5 since when do women have jobs.

  4. Gacha Life & More!

    Last year in 4th grade my teacher showed us all of the lessons from this channel!
    Edit: Oof I'm in grade 6 now how was this 6 months ago? And now I'm allergic to chocolate. I have this horrible skin rash.

  5. Love Always, LaDay

    Great video! I thought you explained it well for people just learning about food allergies. My son has food allergies, and a lot of people just don't get it. I'm going to present this video to people in the future going forward. I talk about a lot of food allergy stuff on my channel too.

  6. xOkxyMia Msp

    Yeah I'm allergic to all those foods that where shown fml I have to read all ingredients of food ugh except cashews and something else ye

  7. Shamil Sathik

    what a fuck , accept water all coming under allergy

  8. Mattia Alborghetti

    Dio bruciato

  9. Alexander Ivanov

    Good morning! If you want, on my channel you can find a lot of different interesting information about this topic….

  10. Bilal Rajpoot

    Nice video ever 🙂 good job and keep it up mam..

  11. MultiMusik4

    I've never heard of a rice allergy…

  12. Omar Omizzle

    DO YOU HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES Download the second waiter app and FIND FOOD YOU CAN EAT!! https://youtu.be/k7LboLmkqmE

  13. The Teal Pumpkin Project™ Long Island Team a part of BMR Food Allergy Advocate & Coach, created a fantastic video Ad Campaign to continue to bring awareness worldwide. Watch and subscribe.

  14. Mariel Parreño

    how about allergic in chicken, seafoods and shrimp paste?

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