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  1. Angeline Gacha

    Omg she’s so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Damian Diggs

    What's your group name and your roblox name? BTW I'm a girl I'm on my uncles phone

  3. Majestic Pink Ocean Mermaid

    OMG! you have the valentines halo?!~… :O

  4. Mya Perez


  5. Vimla's Kitchen

    Wow very cute video 👍

  6. Victoria _toriya

    Can you plz play royale high school 🏫 with poppy I know that is royale high but the actual school

  7. DevonGlow


  8. theCali June2

    Aw her voice sound so cute💘🥺 and dressed so adorable🥺

  9. Roblox Lover

    Well done poppy!! Ur so beautiful out there and ur always beautiful and ur mum too ❤️❤️❤️❤️🍓🍓 #berryforlofe

  10. Galaxy MeXD

    Me want ride potion 😭😭
    Thanks for reading this! TwT

  11. Khan Muhammad Wazir

    Can i have some robux or a ride a pet potion in adopt me my username of roblox is candygirl123love i really want a horse

  12. Kiki Crosby-sutherland

    why did it beep but nvm i love u well done poppy

  13. Amy_ TheCat

    Do you can give me ride a pet potion in adopt me pleeeeeease 🙁

  14. Supreme Zay

    But don’t delete my car

  15. Supreme Zay

    Can u make me a house but I’m on mobile

  16. Nancy Ramirez

    I love this video and it's so cute!!

  17. Nancy Ramirez

    And I love your video!

  18. Nancy Ramirez

    Hey phoberry I forgot to see your vid I made a shop in adopt me and i wanted a animal poison and a bunny please and if your watching this thanks and btw amazing vid!😀

  19. Miraculous Fan :3

    Bully: I bet u have no diamonds!
    Me: *Shows her Dear Dollie Heels, Corset, and Skirt*
    Bully: OMG IM SOOO SORRY! Can you give me some?
    Me: Excuse me?

  20. XxDarkWizard xX

    so cute i wish my mother will like roblox like this😞💔

  21. Maya HD

    Poppy is so cute! Phoeberry and Amberry are the cutest moms! With Olive, and Poppy.

  22. anton green jr.

    "But i want the money"😂😂😂😂😂😂🤙

  23. Naj forever

    *I'm not first I'm not last
    But all I know is I clicked real fast*
    Btw ok this is not original but I just like it 😁

  24. Rhianna Thomson

    Awww this is the cutest love you phoeberry you are both wee angels 😇😇 😂😍❤️

  25. Rosie Selley

    997th like!!!💕🍓xxxxxxxxx

  26. XxBanditHDxX

    Hai Phoebe!! im a masive fan ive been watching u since day 1 i love your vids byee!

  27. Shiann Ward

    I love u

  28. mayra figueroa

    Hi 👋 phoeberry

  29. Megberry

    Pheoberry lysm from Megberry

  30. Alex Green

    Pretty helpful, looking forwards to returning.

  31. Anahi Arelly Retana

    Can you show your face? Face reveal? Please.

  32. Madmaddy Mimm

    This was absolutely adorable! I love your videos!

  33. alxiel

    268'th comment! :3
    edit: I got a like! What why is it blue..?

  34. Alyssa Sheffelid

    I love y’all please pin this and y’all are so beautiful and everybody is beautiful just they way they are like if u argee!

  35. Taleen Anky

    I wrote this before on ur channel but its my dream.

    Heyyyy I really love your videos and I get scammed lots of times just to get a ride.a.pet potion my user is TROBLOXTA and Ive never got one I hope u have a spare.to give away <3 :3

  36. StarlDarl


  37. jajy 22

    I love. U

  38. Olivia Bennett

    Love ur vids I'm a really big fan keep up the good work same with amberry poppy and Olive are beautiful so are u and amberrry

  39. Fortnite Noob

    Omg she has a cute laugh

  40. Imogen Janeway

    I love your videos and can you accept my request imo0807 please your the best x😀

  41. Aja familie

    i love your vids your the best!!

  42. SuStar

    ❤❤ u phoebe!!

  43. Eva Conley

    I love u guys so much Poppy is so cute. I picture her as Miss. Universe she could be like a jr beauty pageant prodigy. So cute❤❤👑👑😊😊

  44. Squishie Productions

    poppy is the most beautiful and cutest girl🍓❤️

  45. #Cassie Me!!

    Love ur Channel!!

    (Gifting 5 loyal subs!!😆😆😆👌👍✨⭐)

  46. Haley_cooks and plays

    hi im a super big fan, i really want to see you on adopt me, if im late im very sorry, but can i get a ride potion and a dragon pls i really wanted it im very very sorry if im late, ILOVE YOU hope i see u at adopt me my USERNAME IS NEFERAK

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