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  1. all about fashion

    Totally Priyanka Chopra 🤔

  2. Tingu Amu

    Definately a paid video….lol

  3. Dipa biswas

    Is it me or she really looks like priyanka chopra??🤔😍

  4. Hep

    Jo u disappointed me

  5. Xahana Rider

    is this video sponsored ?

  6. raji Gupta

    Nope. This isn’t Jovita.

  7. Janvi Joshi Sharma

    For the first time i felt a bit disappointed with Jovi when asked about the pricing. Felt a bit like PR influence. Bit being a diligent Jovian, love you you always

  8. i_ semya

    You resemble priyanka chopra…majorly your eyes anf face shape:)

  9. Sneha Sakharkar

    The crayons are sticky!! The lip liners break off like a twig. Kay beauty No thanks!! Jovita babe this is a biased review and screams of sponsorship!

  10. A Chakraborty

    Jovita. I thought you are different from others. Turns out you were just pretending all along.

  11. Zaara Fatima

    Just to please a brand you are losing your credibility. Your subscribers love you and you were always truthful until this. Don’t change yourself 🙂

  12. bhavni gupta

    Please do a video on this eyeshadow look !


    Hey jovi…! New subbie here… As suggested in Your insta Baby giveaway…! 💕(+_+) Too excited…!

  14. Pooja A.

    This is not my Jovita. You could have been honest about it or you could have skipped this review totally. You should not deteriorate your quality for few bucks. And really disappointed you did not swatch all the shades. Very very sad

  15. Ketki Deshmukh

    Doesn't seem like an unbiased or unpaid review

  16. Cerulean Cereal

    Girl I’m so disappointed,I’ve trusted you for your honest opinion and you’re starting to become a sellout.

  17. Sanika Bandkar

    It really looked like a paid review.. disappointed 😐

  18. Rishika Pandit

    Totally biased review but than we know why… thank you next

  19. Tas Nim

    Do you guys think Katrina herself uses Kay beauty products?! 😒😒

  20. Mehreen Shah

    How much u were paid mam?😂

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