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  1. kareeisonfire

    Also a L3 and got the Hourglass Mineral Veil, Sunday Riley C.E.O Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturiser, Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask with Rose Clay and Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo.

    Pretty stoked with mine overall. Though the shampoo doesnt really excite me, I can't complain!

  2. zaika lahore 44

    nice vdo i am your new subscriber i hope stay 2gather

  3. Michelle

    You're right that is better than last time. Im only l2 so a bit jealy they are good items. I've seen an l2 unboxing and hope i get the same colour ysl lip product its super pretty

  4. JMin37

    Omg whattt??? That sample is worth $27 or so I’ve seen them selling it!! The value of your box is so good 😍

  5. JMin37

    Damn that is a GOOD mascara it lasts SO LONG and it’s really good!!

  6. JMin37

    I literally flew out of Aus and won’t be returning for 6 months the DAY these launched 😭 I was so sad

  7. Tom Jones

    How often do they come? Do you have to purchase anything else to get them? I'm Twice Gold in Sephora but thinking of switching to Mecca as they didn't even send me my welcome gold gift as "they ran out". Hope you'll give us a quick update on how the products worked for you once you've tried them 🙂

  8. Juliana Glumac

    I think that is a great box. I can’t wait to get mine. I have everything except the mascara but that’s ok I will still use them.

  9. Beque

    Wow!! Thats an awesome box! I'm looking at purchasing the Hourglass veil powder once i finish my current powder so I really hope I get the Hourglass sample in my box cuz I would love to try it before I buy it!

  10. Sarah McDonald

    No way was that your level 3 box! I got the skyn eye gels, a SACHET of the sol de janeiro coco cabana cream, a tiny Laura mercier translucent powder, and a mini YSL lipstick. I would have killed for yours!

  11. Michelle Pullinger

    The level 3 looks fab. Can’t wait. I use tatcha dewy skin cream in winter. It’s fantastic!

  12. naesynae nae

    I am level 2 and although 2 were "sachets" i also got 2 bigger samples that i am actually looking forward to try… and i finally got a colour product sample!

  13. vbhg mbnjhj

    Wait when did they get released? I haven't received the email

  14. Queen Yen

    Ohhh I'm looking forward to get mine tomorrow
    Thank you for the unboxing ❤

  15. Carolyn Lindenmayer

    Awesome, thanks for the unboxing, I hope to pick mine up tomorrow.

  16. Sarah Mc Nabb

    Hi I would love to hear your thoughts on the products that you received, once you have a chance to try them out

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