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  1. Nicole Germain

    I have hashimotos I'll look into the oil. I'm gluten free, and dairy free. When I removed those things it really helped. Thanks for the reading.

  2. Helen J. Goh

    You are so chill. Glad that I chanced upon your channel. Cancer & Virgo – yup ! Leaving it to the Divine. THANK YOU ! Luv your honesty – Yes, Cancers fall in love very fast… too fast.

  3. Shemeka Davis

    Love the reading always. Your laughter is so cute, it says cancer all day very unique😄

  4. JP Longoria Jessica Pena

    Hello first time watching continue your practice.u truely a blessing especially in the health area..yes alot of people don't lk to talk about health. But it's needed

  5. Refusetosellout Now

    Dam I believe you on the past lives.

  6. Refusetosellout Now

    Thank you so much. We appreciate you share your gift and time. Spot on as always

  7. Refusetosellout Now

    What cup ? Lol who ? Naw I took that cup sauldered it turned it into jewelry . Wrapping crystals with it . Do u bothered . Baby this king gonna suck it .Now you want me when I say I'm done funny

  8. Dale Morrissey

    Thank You. Wishing You Blessings. Namasta ☽💖☾ ♍

  9. Fiodelf57

    Virgo sun and cancer moon. 🙂

  10. Joni Wright

    My first time watching you. Too much cleavage and talking. Need to get on with the reading please.

  11. Jesie Paterson

    Thanks 🙏

  12. Lisa Ryan

    WOW JUST WOW ❤❤❤❤

  13. Lisa Ryan

    Wow Annette you are really good…. I am a Virgo Sun. So much you said totally reading resonated with me. Thank you for your reading massively appreciate it ❤❤❤❤

  14. Genna25

    Cancer sun ☀️ and Virgo rising ! Wow! Thanks 🙏 for the bonus reading.


    You said slow mo lmao and his name is Moses 😂


    I am cancer sun he is Virgo moon 😩

  17. Amanda Doran

    As long as she didn’t bang your trims !!

  18. Amanda Doran

    Money is merely a transaction nobody owns it, not really!! Your cool. I like your personality. Your reading really resonates too !! Bonus🤚

  19. MsRosie37

    Cancer sun and Virgo rising

  20. lisa rose

    I was just diagnosed with hashimoto's and having a problem finding foods to eat that dont trigger my thyroid. Would you be able to message me a list of foods we can eat? I'd be so grateful. I also just had cervical spine surgery so it's even more important I eat properly because I cant exercise properly yet til I heal.

  21. Rohan D

    Sweet I like you hair the limzi

  22. Lissy Lou

    Thank you SO much for this! I am a Cancer and he's a Virgo so this was especially interesting. He needs to get it together. Spirit give me strength.🙏 In the meantime, I'm breaking generational curses and working on loving myself a whole lot.💗 You make me crack up, so thank you for that as well.😂❤️ "Horse With No Name" America, YES!🙌🏻 I took my Dad to see them in August for his 70th. It was awesome!
    Love and Light to You!❤️❤️🕯️🕯️

  23. Amyrize

    Am a cancer, dealing wit a fellow cancer.

  24. etti etti

    what do you meant to put us together, i am already divorce for 27 years but the issue of money is not settled yet, i believe that my son the virgo mabie will tried to solve the situation without going back to court, and just now he learning realy who is realy father is , but i am not going back together with him please clarify

  25. Ebony Smalls

    Thank you sooooo much💜🕉💫 I am a Cancer and my husband is a Virgo 💜 Its been rough😩 #555 Change is here.

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