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  1. Ambiguous Nut Case

    Abigail is either Chantal or Jen. It sounded too LMN for me.

  2. Kristen Brooke Social_Working_It

    If Jen did all this on purpose (I get the STRONG feeling she did) it is further evidence of other possible mental illnesses. I’ve always suspected that she is dealing with more than an eating disorder due to other behaviors, her responses and commentary. This behavior and her 2 written responses posted on YT today make me think I’m right on point. This is just my personal opinion as I have not assessed her in any way so I won’t talk more about what I think she is dealing with it’s just heartbreaking watching this continue. Staying on YT is fueling this all for her. I cannot stand to read her fans responses that continue to give her exactly the responses that keep her sick and keep her from getting treatment. I think they are well-meaning and trying to provide encouragement and support but I believe it pushes her further away from the help she needs. Thank you for your content and for the mic cupcake vegan!

  3. Little Aussie

    My opinion is that Jen lied about the privatising of her upload because she wrote another community post.. I think she's creating drama because Gene is getting more attention and people are saying he should stay of Jens boring channel.. She's jealous that Gene is getting more attention… So by creating drama (which Jen hates) according to her she's creating it and now logging of social media.. Why else would Jen privatise the ones with just Gene in them. She is so childish they probably had an arguement and Jens reaction was to cause drama to put the attention back on her. Look at Gene's comment section look at Jens her subscriber are now his best friends and Jen is boring according to most..

  4. bluenite5

    I have to say that I never watched foodie beauty’s videos but decided to watch the Kentucky fried chicken one with the warning of farts etc. I left her a comment that she deleted, but my comment was for her alone. So she had to read it before she deleted it. I said something like this. “ I came across your channel and have to say, that you are one disgusting, fat, ugly, obnoxious slob and that one video was enough for me”. I stand by what I wrote.

  5. Meg Teal

    Its only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down for Jen

  6. vera hinnant

    None of your business his choice! He should not have to deal with any of you negative people.

  7. vera hinnant

    She explained how that happen! Please leave this woman alone and let her be happy. I have done some crazy things on my computer. So you call her a liar! Her life is really no ones business. I know she’s on YT but calling her a liar goes beyond reading her vids. Go find someone else to pick on and let her try to be happy.

  8. JosEPh

    Who cares about chantal, when sneaky jen deleted all her videos and is lying about it. Jen knew if she did that it would hoard people to her channel. Chantal atleast is a blatant troll

  9. Nikki Chuckles

    Gurl u rock 🤘💪❤️
    I love u showing how it works
    I agree there's no way she cld private that many videos on accident

    Ty❤️ Cupcake Vegan 💚😘

    PS ❤️
    You remind me of my family so much
    U're demeanor geniune and sweet but still not someone to mess with
    All reminds me of my family members 💞
    Love to you 💜 TY ❤️ for accepting me here with open arms 🤗

  10. Michelle H

    Anyone familiar with the YT creator software knows her explanation is a crock of sh…
    However, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if there wasn't an argument and she did it for attention. That woman loves drama and – just like Chantal – Jenn isn't adverse to manufacturing it.
    Jenn, you can sit right the hell down with your "I went to bed and didn't know it" BS. You can't make late night video after video lamenting about sleeping issues and then expect people to believe that the one night you slept well coincidentally was the one night you "deleted spam comments and went bed", especially when the software doesn't work that way.

  11. Alexis Stewart


  12. Coloradonative Wood

    I thought i was tripping out because I went to watch her latest weigh in from last week and couldny find it last night

  13. Raven Veganista

    Thankfully i don't follow these youtubbers, it would be a waste of my valuable life.

    The only reason i know about that fake AF obese woman is because i thought she was going to be pro active in changing her nutrition to better her life (i was very happy about that) until i realized she was a POS who was just using veganism (for all about a 24 hour period) to draw in attention to IT'S channel. But on the flip side i was made aware of this channel through that other channel.

    I usually follow debates and animal rights channels when im streaming YT.

    Plantbased for health (14 years),… vegan for EVERYTHING else. 🐷🐔🐟🐮🌱

  14. Yvonne Anne

    I'm so glad to hear that Jen and Gene are doing well!

  15. Christal Vanlear

    Well something clearly going on with Jen. Whether it’s between her and gene, or something with her or just him. You can’t accidentally private 30 videos. Sorry but I just wonder how stupid she thinks we all really are. Then there is chantel. Oh her incision isn’t busted open which I’m really shocked it isn’t with all that crap she has been eating, plus the weight of her fat pulling down. Her sitting up straight in the chair, twisting in the chair and what not isn’t good for her incision. Period. She is a psycho. I wonder how bibi deals with it. Anyway lots of love to you cupcake. Another great video on the books. 😘

  16. SunKissed

    Here’s a thought… Abigail is Chantal 😱 and just trying to stir up the pot and look like a “concerned fiends”. Weird somehow Chantal’s supporters are people who name their channels their full first and last names. Who does that? I really don’t think much of Jens videos being hidden…it wouldn’t have been anything it wasn’t for Abigale spreading that drama and get people hyped up.

  17. Mrs. Slime91

    Maybe Gene privated those 30 videos. I feel like when she goes to bed he’s the type of guy to go through her belongings. Who knows maybe he didn’t want the negative attention. I don’t think he liked being filmed but just goes along with it for now. If he is using her for a place to stay food etc then he’s going to play along. I believe there is true love for everyone but… I don’t think for one minute that Gene loves Jen. I might be wrong. But it doesn’t feel real to me on camera at least.

  18. Dancing Doll Party

    Omg yassss! I was thinking….uhhhh how do 30 videos go private!

  19. C J

    Enjoy your vlogs. I was just wondering about your gloves you wear.

  20. Jamie Ka va zos

    Thank goodness!!! I’m so confused about what’s going on!!

  21. Jen Olson

    Your channel's on fire 😃 I subbed last wk when you were at about 908…You go GIRL 💛

  22. jonathan vogt

    She’s still a big liar!!!!!!

  23. jonathan vogt

    He’s mentally screwed up-get help

  24. kara moats

    Maybe there is more than one snake at play…

  25. Big bird Beyotch

    Does jenn really think we are as dumb as she’s being? No you can’t just conveniently delete all the videos with you and your bf and play it off as incidental. I doubt he got drunk and the cops were called but I do surmise that something happened whether he had to get out of the apartment because who could blame him she has been super codependent, or he did have a drink, or jenn was mad at him for any number of reason ranging from stupid to concerning, something happened in paradise. Paradise being a little state funded apartment, but i guess paradise is relative. Anyways impossible to do non-intentionally, not that it matters she has no intention of telling the public what really happened which is her prerogative. You don’t have to tell the world what is going on but don’t try to play the world a fool, because that’s when real rumors will start.

  26. Furniture Fixins

    Jen threatened to block her like last week lol
    I thought Chantel changed for a split second. She’s so pathetic. I mean 😒 she just cannot stay out of drama.

  27. alice gayle

    Gene should absolutely have a sponsor & go to AA daily! It’s just a matter of time before he slips. It’s very unsettling to watch. I can almost predict them pattern. Not convincing at all. Don’t let Foodie Beauty get to you, She’s repulsive & mentally disturbed 😳. Thanks for the tutorial on Jen’s video fiasco. You’re so awesome & kind. XO Cupcake🧁☮️

  28. Branden R

    also the videos have the "new" label which makes it even more likely this was intentional.

  29. jonathan vogt

    She’s full of …..

  30. jonathan vogt

    Now all is good again-SHE SO WANTS TO PROVING US WRONG!!!

  31. jonathan vogt

    They made up

  32. jonathan vogt

    She’s lying -why were they only the ones taking down we’re with gene

  33. jonathan vogt

    Because she’s proving us wrong

  34. jonathan vogt

    Oh but she’s gonna prove —-ALL OF US WRONG

  35. jonathan vogt

    I believe it ..the videos coming down going back up thing

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