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  1. Kruscher76

    I like doing the thread the needle stretch and prayer stretch because I had tightness. It was effecting my form in my lat exercises and caused pain in the lower back. Those stretches really helped!

  2. Louise Hernan

    I have a degenerative disc, arthritis and a little scoliosis and about a month and a half ago I watched this video and added the Hallelujah Stretch to my other back exercises. Well, I'm here to tell you, it has made a huge difference!! I do it a few times a day and I no longer wake up hardly able to walk. Also, this morning, for the first time in a long time, I had sciatica pain, did that stretch a few times and the pain was gone!! I wish I could see what it does inside my back when I do it – amazing – thank you SO much!! 🙂

  3. Ann Thrash-Trumbo

    It's "height" with a t sound at the end, not a th sound. 🙂 I love your videos!

  4. Caroline Watts

    Great advice! These guys need to go listen to the Dr. Death podcast. It will make them scream and they should do a reaction video.

  5. Nik's World

    Are tens units good for people with fibromyalgia and also 3 protruding lumbar discs with moderate degeneration?

  6. Lee Baker

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I have dystonia torticollis and appreciate neck and back excercises.

  7. Ronnie

    These videos are the best, you guys work so well together and do so well with time! Gives me great ideas to use in lab! Love it!

  8. Im Yu

    "In our, (EXPERT!) ,opinion, of course."

  9. Aman Kumar

    Can you guys make video on top high arch support for foot?

  10. Michael Muha

    My son has had Low back issues over the past few years that have caused him to take off work. I know you have several good videos on low back pain, but could you make one specific about those individuals who have had low back issues and want to prevent any future back problems? Are there specific exercises that will prevent future low back pain and keep you from taking off work? You have seen many patients over the years. Can you talk about successes that you have seen regarding this “taking off work back pain”?

  11. Yashasvi Singh

    Sir lam having pain in one side of the hip of one side while sitting

  12. Khang Triệu Triển

    Hi, I come from Vietnam and i've been watching both of your videos for a long time …
    I'm very happy when I see you guys still healthy and good !!!! Tks a lots .

  13. Amelia Flores Kendrick Tribe of Issachar

    Thanks guys I need this so badly. My back hurts every single day. God bless

  14. Alma Kaster

    Thank you for showing us back exercise. In going t.v. to try it. My back been killing me lately

  15. Mariyum Zahra

    Thanx famous physiotherapist . Its all good for L5s1. I have been doing and feeling v.good. plz make a video for belly fats for prolapsed disc patients. .also again request for writen video material in description.

  16. Jacqui Hattem Spiegel

    great video , I have pain in my lower back every day , this video is very helpful for me you both are excellent physical therapists and you have excellent advice on how to treat pain naturally without meds ( medication )👍

  17. Darlene Rushton

    Yes, Bob some people say heighth. I don't but some do. I think because it's usually said with length and width… so it began with a slip of the tongue and just stuck. ✌❤🙏

  18. Caroline Hollis

    Diet is crusial micro greens sprout broccoli seeds it's easy you'll be amazed I'm pain free arthritis free bunion free I'm over 60 I do physical work 247 caring Dr Morse herbs helped last year wow my energy levels are sky high aswell

  19. AllQedUp

    When I wake every morning my back goes into excruciating spasms in my very low back when I do even the smallest of rotation. Getting out of bed is a traumatic experience.

  20. Swimmin Wit Da Fishies

    You guys are a hoot! TENS unit therapy gets me fired up! ❤️ your videos and your helpful hints.

  21. saninoz

    Love you videos ! Thank you 😀

  22. Ginette Pagan

    It’s CAT-COW. The cat is obvious. Just think of how the cat hunches its back up when it’s stretching or spooked.

  23. Sanghamitra Sahoo

    Hi I am from India being following u n practicing ur suggestions n have helped me. I was having slip disc last December. Things have improved a lot. Saitica pain have decreased a lot. But due to almost restricted exercise I have put on a lot. Was thinking for jump rope. What u suggest.?.

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