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  1. Flabia Ulloa

    She is stunning! I love her subtle Makeup look. ☺️

  2. Cloé Oldself

    She does not AGE

  3. Savannah Hulkoff

    sorry but water has nothing to do with your skin outside of not being dehydrated jfhbksafbknalksf literally little no science says anything about water clearing your skin or making it better, idk what good genetics clear face having person started spreading that myth

  4. Julestags

    That's a loooot of skin care products lol

  5. Kelly Brooks

    Lost her at product number 3

  6. Mesa Life

    Her skin care is impeccable and it shows! What a beautiful face! Very cool she uses Avene. That line is outstanding line for clean moisture without all the chemicals. Plus they have a retinaldehyde line of treatment products that are super if your skin can't handle retinoids well.

  7. Hal Sanders

    Omg yes

  8. David Dodero

    This woman is SO beautiful for God Almighty!

  9. valentina flores


  10. Jordan Saragosa

    I love her!!! I watch her on Harlots and she portrays a fine lady very well.

  11. Angelina Pe

    Arwen ❤️

  12. WhippetOut

    You were totally stunning and your acting was too in #Harlots

  13. em s

    she's so gorgeous

  14. candygirl171

    Please LIST all the Products she used. I wish you could do this in all the videos. Thank you! 😊

  15. bunnygirl718

    Love you Liv!

  16. Vita Sd

    Thank you…You are an angel ✨

  17. erin oneill

    No sunscreen? WTF??!

  18. Mel Mieske

    I love how down to earth and balanced she has always acted

  19. Diana Shelton

    Omg! I never knew you had freckles Liv! As a gal with freckles I’m so excited lol I know that’s so silly!
    I think this is a great video because because we all want to know how the movie stars always look so amazing! So thank you for the advice!

  20. Elizabeth Wu

    Me: I don’t like blush that mu-
    Liv Tyler: I like blush
    Me: I love blush

  21. P S

    That's a crazy amount of products and steps worth a crazy amount of money but I. Just. Cannot. Stop. Watching. She is all kinds of magical 😍 Did not expect to enjoy this so much.

  22. dReaMcAtChER

    I wish Susan yara review this video

  23. amorosa4life

    How do you know what feeling stoned is like Liv? Huhhhhhh?

  24. Melly Reed

    Massive Liv AND Harlots fan here. I know everyone think Angelina Jolie is the lip, but its always been Liv. My whole beauty standard was shaped by the Crazy video. Even if she has gotten them filled slightly I wouldnt judge. Theres got to be pressure with having a feature that is so genuinely perfect. *I get filler by the way. No judgment. I always told my Doctor, do me like Liv.

  25. ukra ukra

    She looks like bridget jones… and she doesnt age

  26. ivanjel

    Cute hair tip at the end 😂 😀

  27. Vee K

    Love her, but we can (and do) the very same thing with about 5 products!

  28. hotaru327

    I absolutely adore Liv. She's so beautiful (inside and outside) and her voice is so soothing 💖

  29. Myriem Jaziri

    I love this woman!!! And she didnt wear that stupid foundation!!!

  30. antisocial butterfly

    Wow… Rich people scrunchies

  31. S Marie

    I don't understand how she makes pale skin look so gorgeous. I'm pale and I look dead. I wish I looked like Liv. Stunning.

  32. Chi Asmr

    Your voice is so relaxing.

  33. darkfeather111

    the background music is SO distracting

  34. Mariella Nina

    Ugh omg this video is heaven. Love heree

  35. Terry Kelly

    I wish there was a list of the products used since Liv kind of rattled them off really quickly so that it was hard to understand.

  36. Renzie Babasa

    She’s great and has beautiful skin & all – but can we talk about how she expertly she puts her eyedrops??

  37. linda simon

    Beautiful ❤️

  38. Mariana Esalí

    This has definitely been my favourite video since I watched Riri's, Liv is such a beaty inside and out <3

  39. themaskedredbandit

    She's adorable. I didn't know!

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