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  1. Jen Luvs Reviews

    Glut – "an excessively abundant supply of something."
    Thanks, Elizabeth! 🙂

  2. Brigida Olmsted

    Foundation is SO HARD! I'm so bummed cuz my bf got me the Charlotte Tilbury foundation for xmas, and I tried 3 different shades, and they're either too light, too dark, or WAY too warm. I'm so bummed cuz he spent so much money on a foundation that either makes me look straight ghostly, or like an actual Orange like my real dad Kristi.

  3. The World Is A Vampire

    I've gotten these blending tools in Korean beauty boxes. AND, I googled it and Velour face applicators are all over the internet and they are CHEAP to buy. You can buy a bag full for like 9.00

  4. Brigida Olmsted

    I dont think the price is bad…the laura merceir one is $16 for one that's much smaller than the Tati one. The beauty blender is what like $12-$14, and is probably 1/3 of the size of the Tati one. And you get two for $18 with Tati

  5. Brigida Olmsted

    The Laura Mercier puff isnt the one that comes with the powder. The one that comes with the powder is more like a cotton ball, their puff is different.

  6. Face on the Fly

    I thought Tati had already said she had another eyeshadow palette coming out after this?

  7. Brigida Olmsted

    My boyfriend asked if he could be part of the collective brain of makeup awesomeness, and let me tell you it made my heart smile🥰🥰🥰

  8. Kristina Pepin

    Ladies and germs! I use Dawn to clean my brushes! Cuts through the dirt no problem and my brushes are ok

  9. Hallie Meyer

    Tati always used the Forever Puff from Naimie’s. Can you please order that one and include it as well?

  10. AnnaSuarez Anna

    You are such a beautiful soul!!

  11. Ana Salazar

    How about introducing your dogs 5 minutes before your hour mark so that you don’t go overtime? That would be a good gauge.

  12. xXxCupcakeAttackxXx

    If a product claims it is "the thing you never knew you needed", and you were doing what it does just fine without it, then do you REALLY need it? Lol

  13. Ana Salazar

    This is why I love your channel: I learn something new almost each and every time!

  14. Maria Ramirez

    Watching solo!

  15. Hope

    The StylePro brush cleaner has changed my life. It is one of those devices which comes with cleaner and it spins to dry them, it actually works and is amazing. I found it at Costco and was really inexpensive!

  16. Felicity Georgie girl

    For the last few years Makeup geek were bringing out new 9 pan palettes every few weeks to months. I bought heaps of them.

  17. Felicity Georgie girl

    I’m excited with makeup geek being the rounded square pans so they fit in a palette perfectly. Colours are awesome from what I’ve seen so far.. also so excited for Marlena.

  18. ZomBiE_TraSh

    No way would Tati come out with foundation right now. Its too expensive, risky, and dumb cuz she doesnt even have powered complextion products.

  19. T Hynson Beauty

    I took my daughter to a kiddie spa for a birthday party once. The spa used yogurt on the kids face as a "mask", along with the requisite cucumbers on their eyes. It was very cute. I think mashed up avocado on their face might be a fun "mask" as well (barring any allergies, obviously).

  20. Lisa Correia

    I do like Sonia Kashuk’s makeup brush cleansing spray. I use it more often than soap & water cleansing. It cleans, conditions and smells wonderful.

  21. Whitewave28

    I like the Real Technique's brush cleaner. A very cheap way to wash your brushes and/or beauty sponges is with Dove. Whether it's the bar or body wash. You can either use the unscented version or the original one that has a gentle moisturizer.

  22. Hannah C

    Jen, I would LOVE one of your deep dive videos about brush cleaners – are they all a con? Can you damage your brushes with some ingredients? Is this a difference for natural vs. synthetic? I'm naturally a sceptic but haven't done any research into this!

  23. Diana Ottenwalder

    I have a green undertone. UD just came out w a foundation line w all sorts of undertones, including green. Best shade I’ve ever used. I was a mua for Mac. I freelanced. And now I’m a funeral director still applying makeup JUST on a slightly different canvas lol undertone means everything in my line of work!!!😄

  24. T Hynson Beauty

    You know what I would love to see Tati come out with? A cat eye kit w/ the highlight being a pen liquid eyeliner w/ a brush tip. The kit should also include a great mascara and a budge proof gel pencil for the waterline. Maybe in a couple of shade options. I never got over winged eyeliner, despite my hooded lids. I just love the look of it, and I hope winged liner makes a resurgence. I am ecstatic for Marlena's baby!!!

  25. Juli L

    Fragrance and overall ingredients are so personal! I'm a soap maker and people in my community get into fights about ingredients ALL THE TIME! It's really something you just have to try and sometimes it sadly causes bad reactions. I don't think it's anyone's fault if you react badly to a product, unless it was formulated unsafe.
    Every single store bought face mask burns my face and turns it red. It's just how it is, but I know that it's just me and I'm not the norm.

  26. Lindsey Bailes

    Laundry soap has been the best for me for brush cleaning. It's around $1 and lasts about a year depending on how much you're cleaning your brushes

  27. Asmita Naicker

    Hello my friend!😂😂😘💜✌🏾

  28. Ace Hardy


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