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  1. Randi Hendrix

    Thanks WG

  2. Justine Simone

    Good read! Thank you! ❤️

  3. Kim Kalesti

    Yes!!! Excellent 🌞 thank you 😊

  4. Geniece Tims

    I’m glad I watched this video. I literally had a breakdown yesterday that was emotionally based from my views of how my family makes me feel while I am stationed so far away from home and it’s NOT a good feeling. At first my plans were to use my purpose in order to do stuff for them, but I’ve had a big change of heart because I don’t get even 5% of that same support back in return. I have to do what’s for me, not for them.

  5. T Beau

    Thank you!

  6. Amy Justo

    Going Vegan and becoming self-employed. Tried vegetarianism and astrology blog years ago but lacked consistency in both. Now it seems I have more experience, knowledge and self discipline. Thank you!

  7. sqirl

    I'm not complaining , I'm try to get more associations with planetary effects. I was bit by a dog the day before the full moon. I happened to get bit by a dog ( same leg)when chiron passed over my descendant 2 years ago. A year before that chiron was there again when a rooster punctured that same knee. 35 years ago I had an injury to that knee- 2 surgerys and a year of crutchs. I'm associating the Capricorn conjunction influence over my knees here- my personal structure.. I did dig up 35 years ago it was in Scorpio. I do personally have pluto on my natal ascendant . Trying to work it out.

  8. Cote Munizaga

    Thx, where did u study? I’m looking for a certification and I love ur style..

  9. Fifth Wall Radio

    As a Cancer so right on thank u!

  10. SarfaraJ Uddin

    Impressive reading ever.. Destiny Calling 😊😊

  11. Christopher Powell


  12. lajollaocn

    Nothing is at peace….

  13. Sunney Darling

    You always rocket it Wonder Girl you are amazing and you look fabulous thank you so much for your beauty and your mastery sharing your teaching

  14. Sheri DuBois

    I heard the thumbs and the pinkies are sword digits and it is kind to hold them in. 🙂 galactic etiquette. ♡ 🙂 the ground stopped tripping my ass when I started holding mine in. 😂 Happy 2020 🙂

  15. Kaitlin

    Thank you 🙏

  16. Joleen Gay


  17. Majik Ministries

    Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

  18. Skyshark88

    You can do it!!!

  19. The Metallic Nostalgic

    Thank you so much for this. You said exactly what I know and feel, but can't always articulate (or may be too sacred to acknowledge). I'm turning 36 on the 18th, so it's definitely been 35 years of trial and error (Sag Rising, Cap Sun, Cancer Moon). The last few weeks I have absolutely felt this internal pull or need for some meaningful direction… This spiritual awakening I believe is building and is destined, but old habits die hard, and road blocks delayed things. Now IS time to move forward. It's registered. Integration and courage and a necessary commitment. #insidejob #justtalkedtomyhsbfyesterday

  20. ClassyCurations

    I’m curious to what’s your moon sign? You’re a Gemini with a Cancer Rising, I’m a Cancer Moon, Virgo Sun, with a Gemini rising☺️

  21. Yolanda kalb

    Loved your interruption of the inside degrees. The 4 of cups reversed is also a good interpretation cause it dose relate to to the other things in the astrology. Great to hear a positive take. reversed card even before the last card which did confirm a positive outcome. Definitely I can relate as may dreams and wishes have gone undeveloped, ones that I had for my children and family. There are signs that things are changing and to see some of those dreams realized would be wonderful.
    It is a big moment and it’s always good to have someone to share those moments with.

  22. Carina Ventura

    Thank you for much for validating all that was needed for me, I had a heaviness and now i know why and it was to make a restart! <3 I gotta do it !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Janis Gaines

    What is the deck? Thanks 🙏🏻💕

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