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  1. Nikki Black

    Shilpa 27 I can tell how much you love each other, and how hard this is for you both. I’m praying and believing for you, and for her, that the doctors underestimated your Mom’s ability to heal and I know God has a plan and He is bigger than their ability to predict the future. Believing for the best for you both.

  2. Nikki Black

    Liver cancer isn’t funny, I don’t know why she is laughing so much, it is offensive when you have a loved one fighting it.

  3. jane wolf

    Tracy, you dumb smiley bitch. Maybe you need liver cancer, and then see if you smile then.

  4. BrittLink OfHyrule

    Thank you for this video, very helpful and educational. Definately helps with nursing finals. My dad actually passed away from hepatocellular carcinoma back in 2013. Knowing there are treatments for it now, I wish that he could have lasted to get these new treatments. R.I.P Dad. ❤🙏 Thank you for medical research for finding new treatments and eventually a cure one day.

  5. Tex Assholdem

    omg he did not say irregardless…that's not a damn word lol.

  6. Say YEAH!!!

    Why are they laughing?
    I’m furious because this son of a bitch looks like messing with people suffering from liver cancer. It’s not fiction, theory or fuckn joke
    This is serious and real.
    My dad are fighting against it right now

  7. Levi Brennan

    Tracy is annoying

  8. Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`

    Hi 😃

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