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  1. wyo angel

    laura is a cutie!is by any chance romanian?

  2. Mónica Mucci

    Tendría que haber subtitulos, no se entiende nada.

  3. MegaRbase

    What a complete pro!

  4. Beatriz Gomez

    Wow! Excellent

  5. apinya somjit

    It s same thai massage.

  6. Just Mike


  7. mama ishimwe Joshua

    Is your thumb on the spine or on the erecta spinae? I would love to learn this massage so I can teach the blind massage therapists in Rwanda.
    I am a massage therapist too .I work and teach blind people

  8. Hildelene Almeida Solvat


  9. Fahad Tenaiji

    Damn amazing hair I hope you didn’t cut it off

  10. clay smith

    Thank you reply fellow bloggers I like the demonstration back work it really release tense back muscles!

  11. Diva D

    This is the most relaxing Tui Na I have ever seen

  12. Jason President

    Definitely prefer female being a male but that looked like good work.

  13. Bobby

    Look great.I am going to book.

  14. Rachel White

    Come to the states 😀

  15. Samira Cardozo

    putz vou ter que sair do brasil pra ir ai por causa dessa massagem…rs

  16. Simon P

    How does Tui Na Massage compare to Sports Massage or Deep Tissue massage?

  17. zapadula116

    This is awesome. I would much rather have this type of massage than deep tissue or Swedish.

  18. clay smith

    question: arm & shoulder wear and tear on therapist longevity for career path?

  19. clay smith

    excellent demo of tuna treatment

  20. Christiane Thomas

    so true about the resitance. really like the way you loosen up the hips first. Thank you!

  21. Bisterk Ding

    You look like an asian Gaston

  22. tom bai


  23. tom bai

    nice,chinese massage ,推拿

  24. windetox massage

    HI! please, tell me if you need a license to do outdoor massage. Thank you!

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