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  1. L P

    Shee looks awesome. People need to stop talking shitt about if your fat but you feel good… let me tell you know onee feels good been fat, not only because how you look, but how you dress, how your energy sucks, how you can't do the same kind of routines or sports or regular activity as a person with right weight… In addition to that all the sickness and problems it gave you eventually so then you are 40 and you cant even eat nothing because you have a thousand health problems. STOP SAYING BEEN FAT IS OK BECAUSE IS NOT HEALTHY.

  2. chasity leman

    Look fab!!!!! Proud of you!!!

  3. kiwi cherry

    sign me up! she looks great and much younger, but honestly these celebs have more access to resources like personal trainers and nutritionist than regular people, but still good for her

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  5. J T

    She is beautiful with the weight and curves As a man I wanna feel some more of what I want that's real women to me and many men I wouldn't mine having her besides me that's just my opinion and many others but it's her body in just saying best regards JT

  6. Hanadi Em ÄDÀM

    She's beautiful with weight or not
    Idont know why people like the skinny women !
    Like if YOU ARE FAN OF HER

  7. Guy Patts

    Your man dont like u heavy get rid of the idiot

  8. Guy Patts

    Skinny girls are ugly u looked better heavy

  9. M B

    I hope her voice still the same 🙄🙄

  10. Ronald Burse

    I wouldnt want to eat shit ither…but

  11. Big Slime

    https://youtu.be/Ts-Ht_FSXFI boxing clip

  12. Henky Mizella


  13. b1untrama

    She looked fine before now she looks like on drugs

  14. shar skyes

    She looks gorgeous!!!

  15. I'm Gee Gee Y!

    No body everrr comments on men's weight.

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