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  1. Max's Look

    The December beauty box is here!! Let me know what you think of this months products ❤️

  2. tazzie2shoos

    Great reveal again, many thanks!

  3. katrina's beauty

    I'm disappointed with this, there's no sparkle or glitter for Xmas, a lovely red lipstick for Xmas parties would have been better, and If I see another black eyeliner I'll scream .not exciting at all,

  4. Ирина Гимарова

    Классная коробочка

  5. Marietta Molnár

    Thank you for your video 😊 I really like that you share with us the content 😊 what is the sneek peak for January? 😍

  6. Ioana229

    Looking forward to the eyeliner 😍

  7. Marianna Silano

    I was expecting a more exciting box for December, for me there is too much makeup. fortunately the advent calendar is waiting for me!😁❤

  8. Kitty LIU

    I don’t care what’s inside. Just like to watch you talking. So cute . Haha

  9. SatinaR

    I really like the selection this month. Especially excited for the lashes. I go though alot of them in the holidays.
    Least excited by the palette as I am trying to keep my collection to a minimum, but it would make a lovely gift for someone new to makeup.

  10. SatinaR

    OMG!!! This is the highlight of my day.

  11. Victoria V

    Oh… I don’t know if I should watch this. I always like the surprise of opening the box… oh.. but you are tempting me so much.. 😭😭😭

    The box looks beautiful. Can I resist it? Probably not.

  12. alessiapasto

    Lovely unboxing! I'm excited for the B&B primer and for the peeling also! 🤩

  13. moon stars

    Can we be friends?? You are AMAZING🙂 such a beauty🌹

  14. Monika Ju

    🙂 super

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