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  1. Andrew Ocean

    Hey ladies! I’ve written before about my 40 pound weight loss (16 months and keeping it off) and my girlfriend’s 65 pound weight loss (also keeping it off) by changing our lifestyle using Dr Gundry’s Plant Paradox Program. Your program reinforces this for us. Thanks a bunch. B”H

  2. B R

    What did she do about all the loose skin after losing weight? I lost 75 and I can’t afford surgery for a tummy tuck or breast lift even if I was ok with surgery.

  3. Texas2Step —

    Selling something again

  4. Life tobelived

    I agree you have to listen to your body. If you eat something and you feel better that is the indicator that it is going to work for you. Some people can take high protein diets while others can't process high levels of protein. I go by my cravings if I have healthy cravings. If I have "unhealthy" food cravings I look at what I might be missing like if I crave chocolate cake maybe I'm missing a nutrient, energy or calm. I try to substitute the unhealthy food craving with a healthier version. If I crave sugar is it depression, need for energy or I have a bacterial infection that wants to feed on the sugar. When I get my winter seasonal depression I crave sugary foods much more than the rest of the year. I guess I'm trying to boost my serotonin.

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