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  1. The Raw Mermaid

    I know what it's like to never feel good enough!
    I know what it's like to feel overweight, unhappy, enormous, depressed and to hate what I see in the mirror!
    I know what it's like to feel trapped by your fork.
    But, here's the secret…
    It all starts with FOOD!!!

  2. circuswannabe

    My mom went vegan/sugar free/flour free for 5 days and lost 6 pounds or something like that. She loses weight fast. She was taking medicine that she doesn’t have to take but it would help with something I forgot and it made her gain weight. She was 200 pounds (keep in mind she’s 6 foot tall) and she’s now below 195. She used a weight for height and bone density thing to find her goal.

  3. lion Roar

    u r beautiful

  4. Steve's Plot

    Great vlog! I have the night time cravings, I brush my teeth earlier to help. Been sugar free for 7 days.

  5. Mr. Positive

    I have just started my journey on the sugar and carb free life style. I am 37 years old this year and I would like to be in the best shape of my life.

  6. Gølp

    I have been off sugar for 12 days now. I can't believe how easy it has been. My cravings for sugar are gone and I had a major sweet tooth. My clothes are already getting baggier. I think I really want to just not eat sugar again.

  7. Animecat889

    ohh thank goodness for this video x3 mum and me have been sugar free for a week and ive been "starving" and super over eating and i thought there was something wrong ahaha. glad it's a common symptom

  8. Nomad uy

    I'm just starting a sugar free lifestyle that some good friends of mine have been suggesting and swear by. They have been in professional mma and ufc for over 20 years so nutrition is a huge factor to them. When they began to notice that they had more stamina and were mentally more acute/happy they began to backtrack their diets and came to the conclusion that sugars were the culprit, for the most part. ok so now the question how many grams of sugars do you allow yourself daily?

  9. Raquel D.

    This is fucking stupid you're depriving yourself of enough carbs. DON'T FALL FOR THIS BS.

  10. rideforever

    I need to go sugar free or I am going to kill myself.
    Help me Jesus, I am not sure I can do it.
    I will try.

  11. JMC

    You already have a beautiful body – not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

  12. JMC

    Do you also sign each sheet as well? you do realize the world has moved on and there are apps that can track everything and enable you to analyze the data automatically. I can give you personal lessons on it, if you like 🙂

  13. Vahnny ENT

    Hey, to make the urge less tempting try eating more fruits. Fruits contain sugar yes, but it will be significantly less and fruits will are very good for you also. Don't be scared of the sugar in fruit it is miniscule therefore next to nothing comparatively.

  14. highlandcommando

    theres not a pick on her? why do this?

  15. Dolores Rogers-Gonzalez

    I started restricting my sugar to less than 36g a day a few months back and lost over 20 pounds. I'm about 5'4" and 137 pounds now. I stopped restricting in May, and I gained 5-6 pounds back. When I first started I was losing 1/2 a pound a day! I started restricting again 8/31 for my September "New Month Resolution" and I've been losing .2 pounds a day. I'm only on day 3 and the cravings are REALLY kicking in.

  16. Blackadder

    im having trouble finding recipes for sugar free meals that aren't ridiculous new age hipster junk. what meals do you make yourself for dinners?

  17. thefunkyone247

    Girl I'm feeling same as you. Thank you for sharing. I'm using your video as a motivation. Big hugs from London 😚😗😙

  18. Dogdamn46

    i had lost 40 pounds on a sugar free diet.  Ate a candy bar, and starting craving sweets again, and couldn't stop eating crap.  Broke my ankle, and now i have gained it all back. I'm going to start the sugar free diet again, i felt so much better when i was on it, but now i have to do it all again.  Damn!

  19. Alex-Leigh Stewart

    Thanks for these sugar-free videos!!!

    I am super addicted to sugar (I eat bags of sweets at night time) and this is giving me some motivation to quit!

    I am going to try this, in fact i WILL do this… Thank you so much! 🙂 🙂

  20. Craig Way

    I went on a no added sugar diet for about a month and felt great woke up early every day had no troubble getting up went to bed like a baby at 10 every night lowered my body fat% to a new low (for me) and personally I think I felt great I have been doing it for a few days now and plan on doing it for a lot longer.

  21. Genesiz Studios Pvt. Ltd.

    thank you

  22. R Holt

    you look great, good luck with the diet

  23. cynthia sagar

    0mg u look great. U dont need to lose wt.

  24. Jordan - RambinAround

    i just cut out sugar, and breads. i'm eating only meats and vegetables and i'm having similar symptoms. I've been pretty irritable, and i feel super hungry all the time. it's starting to go away now.

  25. Barry Friedman

    Little grumpy… interesting. On day five I had to be alone or I was afraid I'd ruin life-long relationships. Short tempered, unreasonable, angry. Whew… having some good flashbacks watching your videos!

  26. Scapone2001

    ur already in great shape u dont need a diet

  27. chourtnii

    im eating a brownie while i watch this. haha

  28. mrstanbmw

    Sugar is dope. I am an addict, trying to curtail my consumption. Going completely off is not realistic for me. good luck on your endeavor

  29. Simply Plant Based Living with Christa

    @psycho28461 Awesome! good luck to you! congrats on the wt loss too

  30. Simply Plant Based Living with Christa

    I helped the cravings at night by drinking hot tea, or having some popcorn (healthy kind). This seemed to help a lot. Also, just keeping yourself busy, or around friends helps a lot. 🙂

  31. Melen

    how did u handle/ignor the cravings at night?

  32. Sean Furey

    just wanted to say i am doing the same thing started on nov 1 and i checked the scale this morning and i lost 5 pounds so far. a pound a day i guess. but good luck!

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