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  1. Md Dilnawaz

    Ghahta koi zda weight loss nhi hota .. bht kam weight loss hota h .. isse acha sirf hot lemon water pee lo

  2. misbah saed

    Are yaar yeh Koi drinking Nahin Hai Ya Jahar Hai Jahar isko Peena matlab jaan se hath dhow na sala Itna kadwa Itna kadwa Itna kadwa Itna Itna Itna kadwa

  3. Dangelo Mateo

    I have actually used this particular “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for some days by now and the results are wonderful. I still have the vitality I want without having controlling the appetite without making me really feel jittery. I have not changed anything else I am doing and have lost 7 lbs. .

  4. Manisha singtha

    Does it work ?

  5. Prasenjit Chakraborty

    Plzz raply

  6. Prasenjit Chakraborty

    Sotit hoba

  7. Poonam Gupta


  8. Ibrahim Jorden

    lunch or dinner ke baad turant pee Lene ka

  9. Yasmeen Shahid

    Can we use lemon in this drink

  10. saranksp

    Ginger skin is very bad for health.

  11. Mrs haseeb

    I have tried it it's effective but takes some time to get effects

  12. Ghazala Khan

    Jeyyyyyyyyy kam Karo

  13. Neel Ana

    Empty stomach pin sakte hai?

  14. Anjali Anji

    Don't you any work please stop making this type of video

  15. Ruby Sohail

    Thanda karke pee sakhty hn

  16. Mitu ahamed

    Itna sara adrak.

  17. Neha Sharma

    Hii..can we take this without lemon

  18. Rashmi Sharma

    Sach me ginger bahut jyada tha

  19. cutee haniya

    Ramzan mein isy peenay ka kua routine hoga

  20. Chandana Parida

    can we make it at a time and store it for 1 week…??

  21. Letti Delgado

    Do you drink it warm

  22. Shivuraju K. G

    Should we compalsary add honey??

  23. Wajahat Hussain

    Ks ka Wight loss howa

  24. Nausheen Perween

    Kya ise lunch ke time bna ke dinner ke time bhi pee sakte h ya fresh bnana hoga plz rply

  25. Dhana Ram

    I am a man and i have man boobs How I decrease my boobs

  26. Gourav 151

    This can use by teenagers and in summer's or not


    Hi! Friend

  28. english songs Saleem

    Thanks mam
    So nice of you

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