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  1. Sherri Love

    I can’t do cinnamon. Will it have the same effect?

  2. Mar Blessed

    How about some1 do a video on how to gain 10 lbs in two weeks??!!!

  3. AC

    Hello, How much seltzer water is used?

  4. E. Brooks

    Thank you I will try this for the seven days. I tried the EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS – 3 DAY SMOOTHIES you gave to us last week it was easy to follow, very tasty, and yes I am down 6 pounds and inches. Since I've been on this journey just about a month or so I am now able to wear clothes that I had not worn in a few years. The smoothies and concoctions are working for me. My husband says "I am working it" 🙂 LOL We really do appreciate ALL that you do! BLESSINGS TO YOU!

  5. MyYTChannel

    You say: "Do not worry about the amount, just drink."
    You just made 32oz, which can fill up 2 bottles of 16oz bottles of water. Do you mean someone should drink all that 32oz before bed? That is too much.

    A good amount is just 1 cup of that juice at bedtime. Same as people drink a cup of tea at bedtime not 2 cups (16oz) or up to 4 cups (32oz).

    The recipe is good, but tell your viewers how much to drink. People do drink a cup of tea like green tea at bedtime. So, this too should be a cup of the drink at bedtime. That is a good amount. They can wake up and drink another cup first thing in the morning.

    After watching tons of youtube videos from good people like you and others, this is my own drink before bedtime: 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, 1 lemon squeezed juice, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1 cup of water. Mix all and drink. I may add 1 teaspoon of grind ginger roots too or I basically eat the ginger roots all by itself after drinking the drink. It has same effect too in 10 days.

  6. Bernadette Smith

    Thanks for the recipe😊

  7. Sun Shyne


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