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  1. Theresa Foster

    Can you make these smoothies and freeze them?

  2. E. Brooks

    Mrs. Kay, today October 1st is 19 days and 14 lbs gone and I didn't take measurements but I know I have lost many inches AS WELL. My husband tells me he sees it working. 🙂 I am doing the "blueberry, cucumber, ginger finger and grapefruit smoothie" twice a day. Also, I do the weight loss tea before each meal and the green tea after each meal and I drink the cucumber, lemon and mint water. I did the 1 day MASTER CLEANSE – ONCE and OH BOY THAT REALLY WORKS – if you know what I mean – you know what they say, IF YOU GOT TO GO – YOU GOT TO GO, LOL – I am going to start doing the MASTER CLEANSE 3 DAYS a week starting next week. Then I will start the 'STRAWBERRY DETOX DRINK' and give the "blueberry, cucumber, ginger ginger finger and grapefruit smoothie" a break, 🙂 Everything that I have mention really tastes pretty good!

  3. Sun music

    Im going to get everything today… get back to u in 4 days… thankxxxxxx

  4. Neisha Nine Starz

    This looks good

  5. Marie Rene

    Thanks so much. I am new on your channel. Can i eat rice while i am doing it please let me know

  6. Akanksha Tembhurne

    Can breastfeeding mum have this my baby is 15 month old

  7. Mark Markus

    Like that leather outfit love ur Chanel

  8. Theda Hughes

    Thanks for the recipes

  9. E. Brooks

    As always thank you so very much. The smoothies and teas are really working for me. I can't thank you enough. Many "BLESSINGS" to you and your family.

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