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  1. T K

    Cougar kyle licking lips on Lewis … dirty gal! leave our boy

  2. watvid1

    He looks like that red power ranger

  3. T Lee

    Whoever curates the guests for Graham is a hero

  4. Bizarre18

    Could watch him on this all day

  5. BiTcH PleAsE

    It's always about the weight loss, isn't it? Everyone gets shocked when they lose 3-5 kgs during a race. But it's so much more than that.

  6. Angus Noble

    I know Ricky thinks he's funny but Lewis is trying to explain his passion and he's just constantly interrupted with inane jokes.

  7. Qbiq Unique

    At the end of the day he is just a driver 😂

  8. 46

    Coming out of the closet lewis…….you gay man😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Craig

    No chance Gervais only weighs 13st

  10. capio78

    13 stone. Yeah right

  11. R. Ansary

    To get my secret method.. click below hashtag


  12. ImK4Os

    Omg Mercedes Ricky gervais just gave you a pr stunt for free!! Stick him to the front of an f1 car screaming and crying while Lewis does a hotlap 😂😂😂 comedy GOLD

  13. Sunny Hundal

    Gervais unfunny fat man who laughs at his own jokes to add wieght to them.

  14. juff0401

    I think Kylie could even explain F1 as well as Lewis, as her ex-boyfriend was Jacques Villeneuve 😉

  15. Will B

    That bird on the right wants the d

  16. Daniel King

    He seems a great guy but I keep hearing he doesn't pay the correct amount of tax?? If this is true then he needs to look at his morals!

  17. Josh 3456

    I can’t stand Lewis during race weekends as all he seems to do is moan. But off track he is always the nicest guy and to me seems allot better when you take the competitive edge of and put him in a normal environment

  18. Acid Sons

    I’ve always hated it when there’s an F1 driver on a regular TV show: it’s always the same boring questions asked by noobs for noobs with noobs on the set reacting and being amazed by things F1 fans find normal!!

  19. Acid Sons

    I’ve had a crush on Kylie for 20 years…

  20. Nick Hyder

    Euw: 2:37, creepy objectification much Elizabeth? #LewisHamiltonToo

  21. The Truth

    That G-force would kill me in the 1st corner. Meanwhile no other car on the road have ever achieved a 2.0 G-force

  22. Wavey Gravy

    He also doesnt pay tax

  23. rajeev paltrow

    His personality is as wooden as the board they have under the cars to assist with the downforce

  24. Miss Piggy

    The F1 cars of today are boring compared to the early 2000s.

  25. AshCash147

    Lewis is a great champion

  26. Steven Lewis

    No way Ricky is just 13 stone there!

  27. Tadej Sster

    Wish they would've let him explain it a bit more instead of interrrupting it with jokes. Not the time to do it

  28. Caleb Lim

    I live in Singapore and I sweat litres every single day. Can’t imagine how bad Hamilton has it in the car.

  29. Golden Nugget

    He was well coached not to appear arrogant, great work!

  30. SatanGaveMeaTaco

    So let me guess, we are just going to let that comment "I like to watch this routine" slide because it came from a female? If this was the other way around, it would be all over the news and feminism and the #MeToo movement would be all over this.

  31. VandergriftMoefies

    @2:33 Yeah, I think if a guy said that to a female athlete, things would've turned out quite different. And that coming from a woman that was whining about men being sexist for not watching her movie.

  32. Lee Ban

    Mannn i thought he was going to explain at least some of the buttons on the wheel….Smart dude

  33. Frances Hicks

    Lewis deserves an honour of some kind please,

  34. Frances Hicks

    Lewis Hamilton is an absolute gentleman, he deserves & earns respect, a fine example of what a sportsman should be, such technical issues in the sport today, respect too Mr Hamilton snr for the support he gave his son in his quest to fulfill his dream, u make us all proud Lewis, 🥂 🎊 bravo

  35. Pete Johnston

    have so much respect for Lewis he is such a humble guy who has so much time for learning and growth just insane

  36. Louie M

    Ricky.Lewis.Kylie.Random Blonde.

    In that order.

  37. bibel

    He should give up F1 and release more songs

  38. Anubis The Jackal

    Gervais is a professional douchebag lol

  39. Red Kop

    And Ricky Gevais….hes a comedian?🤔

  40. Red Kop

    Boring show..boring sport..boring person..Hamilton that is.

  41. Andrew Shore

    Wish riccardo or verstappen or bottas or anyone. Hope someone else wins. Next year i mean

  42. David Johnson

    He just did not change the steering wheel when he joined Mercedes he also changed the seating position for the car to have more balance. Lewis is the best, and his driving just makes me so happy, I can't even explain it.

  43. Ger -

    Who’s the slutty drunk blonde one?

  44. Hawwaa

    Wow, I didn’t realise it’s that intense.

  45. Meghna Singh

    We love you Graham !!!
    Such a genuine persona 🙂
    Got skills man, talks in a fantastic way, so genuine and into the conversation

    Keep em coming <3

  46. Smash 565

    What a nice young respectful man .And so engaging ,had no idea what he was talking about but just so easy to listen to .

  47. Arundeep Singh

    I'm the biggest Lewis fan, but this was boring!

  48. Ahsan Zaman

    I like how Elizabeth Banks was slightly drunk the whole time.

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