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  1. Roland Elliott

    Thank you once again for an informative representation.

  2. drha6646

    thanks sir for good lecture

  3. AK mobile Repair & Training Center Anand Sharma

    Hi dr. please let me tell solution

  4. CMsJean

    This was indeed very helpful. I can use your videos to show my corrective bodywork clients. They are so easy for them to see and understand better. Thank you .

  5. JUST ME

    Dear Dr. Ebraheim, Could you PLEASE do a video on spina bifada occultis or a tethered spinal cord.  I have read that MOSTLY ALL neurologists have never heard of SBO, but I have had all the symptoms all of my life and it has ruined my life.  I came across the signs about 10 years ago when I happened upon a picture of the 2nd and 3rd toes being webbed.  I have a "stork bite" at the base of my skull and my toes and teeth are unusually small.  Around the age of 10, my shoulders started to "hunch".  My mother drank beer (depletes folic acid) and for some reason while pregnant with me, her dr. gave her diet pills.  She almost miscarried me in the 5th month (I wish she would have).  There is NOTHING NORMAL throughout my entire spine and I am in so much pain.  I have never had surgery either.  I have seen 2 neurologists in the last 10 years, but they just referred me to medical schools beyond my ability to get to both.  Maybe I need to see an orthopedic dr.?  The one I have seen a couple of times for something else is the only dr. who read my records and I also have what I suspected since '91 – MS.  I so wish you were MY DOCTOR.  MUCH RESPECT TO YOU.

  6. Laura A M M

    Very good and useful! Thanks!

  7. Jake Romero

    Very helpful. Thank you so much.

  8. Nouh Nouh

    Arabic pls Dr, if you can

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