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  1. anderson boy

    Quite interesting tips you give, good work!

  2. Bob Bobedy

    Excellent gentle back strengthening sequence! I am so happy I found this practice and will incorporate it into my daily routine ( 7wow.cc/j5yf ) You will be so missed when you make the big move!

  3. Based Lukashenko

    I'd smash



  5. Jackknifegyp

    I'd comment, but so many great ones, mine would be superfluous. I have however also learned to lower my back pain.

  6. Eeshan Khan

    How ironical that the video is supposed to be about the lower back.

  7. Thought Makes many changes

    Thanks for the video. I got the best result with this exercise. now I am free from the back pain.

  8. Hog Eyed Man

    Welp i got a boner now…

  9. Joseph Schaar

    I saws this vid on facebook and had to check it on youtube because I KNEW the comments would be hilarious.

  10. Jennifer Jackeline

    you will be shocked how large an impact this has on your regular life). [More Details Here==>>https://twitter.com/jime_alase/status/865825339179622401 ] This is going to instruct you that how the procedure operates right.

  11. hmny meshal

    يا ويل حالي

  12. Jeffrey Burke

    Its nice seeing someone teaching basic poses. I have a bad back and could use modified poses.

  13. Steven Martiz

    Yo quiero ser yoga contigo y decirte que sea mi esposa <3 :3

  14. Nguyễn Anh Anh

    american psycho

  15. sargentspliff

    I would love to sniff her farts

  16. Julian Critchley

    Basically doggystyle pose

  17. Rollogic

    Watch this video in fast forward it's funny.

  18. Drumjunkie

    @Reece….suck it… read previous comments

  19. John Doe

    love it

  20. Drumjunkie

    I'd love to put my cow in your cat!

  21. Jauckor

    Thank you for the video. How often do I have to practice this? I can see that you have other videos for the lower back pain, too. Which of those should I use more? I am asking you this because I use to train very often at home. Vibes.

  22. Leap Frog

    I find this video also helped my eyes.

  23. cmecu

    I would like to see you wearing white leggings, that are snug, so i can see the camel toes better. 😀

  24. Tonio Miklo

    Anybody's watching this video for… you know, the actual excercise?


    Doggy with a tramp stamp

  26. ImYelrah // Editor

    That's not no yoga pose, it's a sex position.

  27. Phoebe Ives

    You are able to eliminate back pain by add some foods in your diet. My father has tried & it work

  28. Uzair Syed

    Holla! Have you considered – Pauna Surprising Yoga Fitness Miracle (search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my GF got amazing results with it.

  29. Nancy T. Green

    You can easily eliminate your back-pain permanently by replace your eating plan slightly – I've try and now nearly relief all the pain. I'm sure you should try it

  30. absurd207

    MENTAL NOTE: tape my junk to my leg if i ever attend a yoga class.

  31. End Of Your Pain

    I can imagine this yoga exercise will help a lot of people with their pain, especially if done as part of a regular routine. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  32. Iron Visions

    This seems really relaxing, However I have my own video with Three Simple Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain! Check out my youtube channel and subscribe I make videos on lifting weights with accessory videos! THanks!

  33. BalancedFrequencyz


  34. Karume Asangama

    Nice cat position…

  35. Caramelia M

    You're a pig. Try not to be so douchy.

  36. Caramelia M

    You're a pig.

  37. bobby ray

    nice ass

  38. jat2010100

    Thank you very helpful

  39. Chandrakala Belitkar

    you are right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. you can watch out here bit.ly/1bQ195x?=oxoim

  40. Joe E

    I found great tips for back pain relief at noodu.com which is worth checking out. It isn't always necessary to take drugs for pain relief as often the solution is much more simple!

  41. joecugo

    Theres a lot of build up in this porno

  42. Gurdeep Bahia

    this made me forget about my back pain.

  43. Justin Bustin

    I'd bang her!!!!!

  44. scobla

    am voting cow

  45. Mike

    It would be a shame if you did not lose weight when these other people melt fat easily with the Skinnimaker Diet (Look it up on google).

  46. LaloFoSho

    I don't do yoga.

  47. James Bond

    she has a tramp stamp on her lower back–what does it tell you folks? she wants you all, to 'come' here'.

  48. Tobias Knudsen

    Oh hi there boner! – seriously though, this is really good on several levels.


    likhama ram

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