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  1. Anjali M

    Namaskar auntie. I just wanted to thank you for starting this channel. U motivate me to lead a healthy lifestyle. Ur recipies are healthy and tasty and easy. U r a wonderful lady. Blessings from Maharashtra.( I called you auntie bcoz i am 18😊)

  2. Aarti Narvekar

    Nice mam.u always show healthy recipes which I get motivated by leaving helathy lifestyle

  3. Snack School

    Looks great!

  4. Tech Girl

    Thanks a lot for making such great videos for us.
    I have learnt so many things.

  5. reshmita khatun

    Please share the variety of dalia recipe..

  6. Saranya Venu

    Màm bp patient coconut use pannalama

  7. veena Reddy

    Plz put small font for subtitles it is covering all Vedio cooking process

  8. dj Choudhary

    Thanks for this healthy recipes.

  9. Prachi Shukla

    Hum log ese kale chane se banate hai

  10. khadija chaar

    I like it and l will try it incha Allah thank s

  11. Swarnali Banerjee

    Thanks! They look wonderful and easy… Do you think they may be roasted in the oven?

  12. Sneha Krishna


  13. Subashini Kalluri

    Mam… thanks for the recipe…is this same as falafel? Even falafel we make it with chickpeas. What is the difference in the recipe mam

  14. Shae Lumsden

    I love that you share your knowledge of the benefits of the ingredients you use. keeps me always referring back to your channel

  15. Quinsika Sharma

    Loved the recipe!

  16. Rupali S

    You are simply great 👍 I always check your recipes. You are doing great work of motivating people to eat healthy and believe them that it can taste better than junk food 😊 I always prefer making healthy food for my family 😊 Just want to thank you for all your great work !! keep it up 👍

  17. Dolly Sasmal


  18. Kamna Thakur

    Which brand pink salt do you use???

  19. Rabia Shahzad

    I love your recipes 🤗

  20. Lakshmi Prashanthi

    wow….jus perfect healthy snack for the monsoon cravings…thank u

  21. ketan sajwan

    Your receipees are super mam

  22. Amina M


  23. Thank You

    Is this different from falafel recipe?

  24. Kamal Singh

    Nice recipe mam

  25. chitra menon

    lovely and healthy recipe 🙂

  26. kingsman the golden circle

    Ma'am please share rajma recipe

  27. Ruthra Rajendran

    Hi mam can we prepare the tikki and freeze it and fry it whenever required??? Also if freeze for how many days we need to use it

  28. charline dsouza

    Yummy..I try all ur recipes. And they r always so tasty

  29. Shazia Jameel

    Very nice mam

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