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  1. The IBD Vegan

    Is it me or are his pens always not working?

  2. billy

    this guy seems like the realest chiropractor of the YouTube bunch

  3. vinicius ribeiro

    Hi Brazil

  4. Manjinder Rahal


  5. Bailey Lohnes

    Would you ever adjust someone who has meningocele Spina bifida and tethered chord syndrome! I seriously need an adjustment so badly and find that every chiropractor I go to only does my neck and my pelvis but doesn’t even touch my spine I need it to be adjusted so badly I just know! Is it too dangerous?

  6. McCoy Musix

    Can you fix a broken heart? 💔😭

  7. Dewi Anggraini

    So miracle treatment..how much does it cost..really😣

  8. Lemi Lemi

    love your work doc

  9. Nur Hazimah

    When I'm older and have the money I would love to see a chiropractor.

  10. Mehdi Bakkali

    Hey doc , how we could find you if we come to America, we’re from Morocco 🇲🇦, where a lot of people suffer from these types of back pains , no body have the ability to do what you’re doing here.

  11. Sydney Surd

    have you ever treated a patient with multiple hereditary exostoses?

  12. Carla McCarthy

    I need to visit Dr. Rahim! I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 2010 when I was in the 10th grade. And it's hard when I've gotta put in a huge amount of physical effort while at work. Because by the end of the day, I'm in so much pain when I walk to my car to go home.

  13. Ming Lee

    What is the name of that gadget?

  14. Jonathan Moore

    I do not understand what that block does to the knees and ankles.. I dont get how it does anything. Could u pls explain?

  15. Plumber Fountain Hills AZ

    Thank you, great video


    Very good explanation

  17. WalterDiamond

    "palpation"… drink!

  18. nickj12

    He is phenomenal at his job.

  19. Mattia Petrelli

    This feels even better with a 60 fps video… smooth

  20. Felycia Thomad

    Dr Rahim, my mother has a bulging c5. She also has chronic pain and nerve damage from an accident she was in almost 20 years ago. She's tried everything. Tell me, is it just you or the gonstead practice that's so life changing? Shes in Georgia. Is there a chiropractor you could suggest?

  21. Digital Photographer

    Video length 9:16
    Standard 22k Gold Purity 916

  22. Baleigh

    Can they give him a netflix show so I can binge watch hour long episodes of him doing this? 😂

  23. Top KEK

    We need to get Dr. Rahim on the JRE podcast to explain the science and benefits of chiropractic care.

  24. McKnight Studios

    Anyone else watch these before going to sleep. The thermometer on the back looks relaxing

  25. Frank

    This video almost perfectly described what I have. The lateral curve, compensation for the pelvic issue, the slouchy pain (And I'm a HUGE sloucher at my desk) and the inverted neck curvature. Please please please show more of follow-up visits with this patient.

    My local Chiropractor has helped me a LOT, but he has not been able to get the pelvis to release. I absolutely LOVE how Dr. Rahim explains what is going on to the patient. In my 35+ years of Chiropractic treatment, I have never had anyone explain as much as Dr. Rahim does in a 10 minute video.

  26. El. 123

    May God bless you for helping others!

  27. Bonji Bones

    Best chiropractor in YouTube👌

  28. Ryan Willis

    This just makes me wanna pay $$$$ to have this done

  29. Get it here, Thing.

    I could watch these all damn day.
    Great bedside manner.

  30. JimBohh

    Is Gonstead chiropractic specific to America ?I actually didn't find any clinic elsewhere

  31. Diana Q

    I legit just want a compilation of him running the meter on people’s backs . So relaxing lol

  32. Chandasouk

    I always eagerly wait for Rahim to upload…

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