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  1. Lynn Garibay

    I'm having this done today uhh I'm scared

  2. Sharron Wynn

    This back ache guide named “Kemzαnο Loni” (Google it) has healed by back discomfort. That is really a good deal for me since I have worked with many, numerous guidelines and also my back still very painful right after each a different one. I didn`t assume my back will be much better. I am hoping this would by final treatment!..

  3. Like And Subscribe

    Today I had bilateral injections in the same area, it was not fun

  4. geeky sonic

    Just had my second one. An I tell you what we are all different or I have a reaction. I can deal with the needle n stuff but when he puts that fluid in me I have the worst pain !!! Horrible!! An I told myself no matter the pain I won't cry an I balled like a baby. I couldn't walk for 15mins. The first time it was my right side down to my legs an this time it was left and its like my nerves are being played with an my leg gives out. An it last for a couple days. Yet you're gonna tell me minor discomfort. Tell me why it's so painful for me. Keep in mind at age 13 for 5 months I have a twisted fallopian tube about to burst and kill me and I got through that ok. I've given birth an dealt with back pain since I was young… So I'm no stranger or baby to pain.

  5. ꧁Leticia Marie Medina꧂

    Im literary getting this done to me tommarow morning I thought if I seen what was gonna be done I would feel better .. Ugh

  6. Madeline Morgan

    I'm 14 years old and I have a herniated disc. I'm having it done tomorrow and I'm kinda nervous. They are putting me on a light dose of sedation. The owner of the company doing it said he wants to do it because I'm like the youngest they've ever seen doing the procedure.

  7. All About AJ

    Just got back from mine. Doesnt hurt! Little pinch from the numbing injection then after that just slight pressure when injecting the cortisone. Wasnt bad at all!

  8. Jessie M

    Nicely done video, except the word is “utmost,” not “upmost.” Maybe fix that?

  9. Oso uribe


  10. Brandy T

    My doc had an MRI done to find everything he could that was causing my pain in my L4-L5 and L5-S1. I had annular tears at each in the left sides as well as decreased space. He suggested an epidural steroid injection with the use of a live X-ray to be sure proper placement. I had the procedure yesterday. Even though it was a little uncomfortable my back pain normally was just as painful if not more. Once the pain reliever started to wear off my left side felt like I got hit with a bat. I took my normally prescribed painkiller and anti-inflammatory. I had a hard time sleeping that night and finally fell asleep at 4am. I woke at 7am and found my normal 8 out of 10 was down to a 4 out of ten. Once I took my painkiller (Tramadol) and put on my lidocaine patch the pain was gone entirely with only small spurts of aches in my lower back. As the day progressed the pain slowly crept up to a 4 out of 10 but has not gotten any worse. I am icing my back for 30 min every 4 hours to be sure the needle sights don't cause any added pain. So far so good.
    I decided to share this due to very few places to read how people responded to this procedure.

  11. Impending Doom

    Looks like sweet relief

  12. Mimi 83

    I just went through this a couple weeks ago. Same area also. My vertebrae is slipping forward. I have another one scheduled I was slightly sedated bc I was freaking out finally can see what the doctor was doing. I still felt some of it but it was over with rather quickly.

  13. danny stjohn

    this doctor seems very professional. I've had seen some injection on youtube that was not at all professional or sanitary.

  14. Kalsiddon

    how is the doctor safe from radiation if he does this on a regular basis?

  15. Tim L

    I recently had this injection. It hasn't provided as much relief as I had hoped. However, the procedure itself was almost painless. Not near as bad as I had thought it would be.

  16. Trini Mami

    omg im terrified 😱

  17. sandra cuevas

    Do you get any medication to keep you calm? I'm about to have this done

  18. Tim Pimental

    had the back injections that week was good for the first week but pain it coming back but only in my calf have two more sets of shot to go

  19. Bali Life

    Doing on Friday… I have suffered on and off for 7yrs…now getting spasms and difficulty in standing up,can't do anything at all….I pray it's gonna work and then physio again…

  20. Deborah Meetze

    So the day it was done could you go back to work that day?

  21. Cory G

    I'm going for my shot 03/11/16. I been looking it up but nothing else is working.. for me n doctors won't give you any good pills to take for this pain.. I have been living with this pain since 2006 from playing sports. 2015 my hole lower back just gave out on me. just pain I couldn't do nothing but hopefully this will work. I'll give y'all my feed back on it. n hope all y'all pain is gone n got better

  22. Joe Mazel

    Anybody here have any experience with Laser Spine Institute? They are advertising a lot on TV.

  23. Stephanie Jensen

    i just got mine for the first time and it hurt so bad..even after the numbed me up…It hurt after i sat up and the pain has still not gone away and its been 17 days now. I have had to take more pain med then i did before so look into this before you do it and if you dont have your own Dr. there doing it for you then just wait till they can be because you cant just trust anyone to do this to you…I DIDNT KNOW my dr was not going to be there and i did it anyways ….not good,,TRUST ME…GOOD LUCK!

  24. AngelicRomeo88

    aaahhhh fuck nuggets…that def didn't help me want to go get that >_>….i was injured on job over a yr ago. re injure in sept. 1 dr missed it. said it was muscular 2nd opinon dr caught a annular tear in lumbar. idk which tho. has to b between L3-5. since its my low back givin me issues n i have a synovial cyst n fluid. he said to get that first nothing about it not working or after yet. im petrified of medical needles. -_- but i have 13 tats n like 3 body piercings other then my ears…i kno i kno its dumb but its true. i damn near fainted with cortisone in my knee. that woman missed with the cold spray! went code blue gettin blood drawn once smh. poor tack record. idk about annular tears. im only 27. idk what to expect. they r talk local anesthesia.

  25. Kromazone

    I just had a cortisone injection today(27/08/2015) they did the same procedure, iam dead afraid of needles, and the first injection of local anaesthetic was ok, it was the actual cortisone injection that I felt the most, getting off the bed felt like a miracle! No pain what's so ever, an hour later I'm in bed & it's the worst the pain has been! I'm sure it's normal to feel such pain for the first 24-48 hours, but fingers crossed all goes well and my pain reacts to it!

  26. Joe Trout

    I do mine with sedation. Once they put that propofol in your iv everything feels good!! Then you go to sleep

  27. Pedro Bastos

    This is good

  28. 1 AlaskanAssassin

    I want this. I have 2 herniated discs L5S1 and some other one.
    Frustratingly, every Dr. I talk to, claims to know of not 1 doctor, hospital or clinic that does this shot. Really? What are the chances of that I ask. Sounds to me like everyone's afraid of getting sued, and it's getting in the way of me getting the shot! 

  29. IIAfterMathII

    I'm having mine tomorrow ,they're gonna kill the nerves that are blocked and cause the pain. I hope it works cause I've been in pain the last year……

  30. Keto Bianca


  31. Shawna F. Mathieson

    I've suffered with back pain for many years until found a excellent cure.

  32. Slingshot2018

    First inj of SI joint lasted about 2 yrs..wow! Went back to same surgeon, he did a great job! Only one shot said to follow up in 2 weeks for follow up..thanks for the video

  33. rgman2858

    I've had 3 injections in my spine and one in my hip. No anethesia Of Any kind. Hurt a little bit during the injection while they were squeezing the fluid in. Numbing pain. It's a weird feeling and you can feel it spread inside you. A little sore afterwards but I left the office and went straight to work. No meds of any kind. The first shot did nada. The 3rd hit the mark and was totally pain free for weeks. It was well worth it.. insurance paid every penny of it. If anyone is debating getting it done it's really not bad unless you have a very low threshold for pain. I can't say it won't hurt you because pain is subjective and different for everyone.

  34. Johnson4880

    I had the done today im 21 if anyone has this done get sedated i was not and it hurt alot

  35. Aniqa Joyia

    I'm 16 and will be getting the injection absolutly petrified please can have some advice and info about it also if it works because surgory would be the last option !!!! Help please xx

  36. moneyjpro23

    P Traux did they make you to therapy after

  37. P Truax

    Had L5 and S1 done on Wednesday morning. I chickened out and did it under sedation. Kind of wish I was brave and opted for no sedation. My back and right leg feels SO much better!!!

  38. headfirst1987

    I had my first shot on Christmas Eve last year and i was up and moving the day after, a little sore in the injection spots but otherwise unaffected. The shot relieved the pain in my leg (but wore off after about 2-3 months). The cortisone burned a little as it went in but other than that this procedure A-OK and people should not be worried. Just FYI

  39. ron nhim

    I had it done L 3 4 5 , HOPE IT GOING TO WORK.

  40. Richard White

    how much does something like this cost?

  41. Nancy Jackson

    hi i did it two day ago it was the worth pain in my life i would never ever do it again i stayed crying till yesterday night 

  42. snakcz

    had this done 7 days ago. took a few minutes. about 10. felt some stinging hours after. nothing too intense. but now I feel great. have a herniated L5 disc. about half the pain is gone. yesterday I didn't even need to take my pain meds. going in for another in 3 days. so 10 days from each procedure.

  43. Hector Castro

    Just had this done today. It was bearable and i went without anasthesia. Crossing my fingers now and hope for improvement so i can resume my physical activities. For those who dread needles, it's not that bad. Just take a deep breathe and give it a "shot" 😉

  44. brian allen

    Hello all, Today, 12/11/13 I had my injection with no sedation. I am 4 hours after the injection and feel fine. I have had worse dental visits than this. I will keep everyone up to date on my progress. As of now I will say day one is not an issue.

  45. MyEyesBled

    Hey doc… why are you keeping the TRUTH away from your viewers? Tell them what happens when you miss?  Tell them that all the steroids you use are NOT FDA APPROVED for this use and that even with fl-guidence, you can misplace the steroid into a vein, artery or worse, inside their spinal cord and the patient will end up in horrifying pain for the rest of their lives or even die! 

  46. Audition Kaith Handa

    hi i m having L4-L5 mild diffuse and bulge. if i go for this treatment . can i go back to my normal life lyk gym , martal arts and running stuff ?

  47. harshad pednekar

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