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  1. Lazybonez Lee

    The melt palettes seem easy to get mold, according to several youtubers. Maybe there’s something in their formula went wrong.

  2. Laurel Willis

    Great video, You're getting sooooo good at this! The colors in smoke sessions are amazing, therefore I would like to know if after a few months you do find the same problems with your Melt Smoke sessions palette. https://youtu.be/s3F0DEFd_fY Other products sound so exciting and love that lip color on you! Yes, love the all day wear test especially the By
    Terry, Yay yay giveway!

  3. Rachel T

    Really happy to hear you also watch ttsandra! She is fantastic!

  4. Beauty Reign

    So happy that you are receiving high end brand Pr. You deserve it as this is your niche. Hope more brands send you more for you to review.

  5. BrideOfSnape

    I just got the Smoke Sessions palette so hey, I'd love to see what you do with it! 🙂

  6. Amanda Chiou

    ALSO a tutorial with the Wander Beauty palette!

  7. Amanda Chiou

    Tutorial with the Melt Cosmetics palette! I love green too! It’s my favorite color 💚

  8. Olive Grove

    Michele it would be lovely to see how you use the Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette 🎨 🍀🙏❤️🕊

  9. Heather Hernandez

    “The applicator looks like a giant golf club”! Lmao 😂

  10. kim mcdonald

    The By Terry hydra powder is my HG loose powder. It's the best I've ever used. I scrimp and scrape just to keep it. Lol

  11. Rene Krienitz

    Hi Michele…did you see any of the hub-bub about the Melt palettes bubbling up and growing what looked like mold? The Beauty News girls just did a huge story on it. The pans start getting bubbly then some weird spots start to appear. Might be worth checking out on your own.

  12. VS Jess

    Hi Michelle! Would love to see you do some looks with Smoke Sessions. Your makeup style is unlike most "YT Beauty Guru" and much more work friendly.

  13. kim mcdonald

    Yes ease do the Melt palette. I love green shadows and not many people use them.

  14. szp p

    Hi Michele – as usual loving your channel. One of the things that amazes me is that you can use a product and then return it without a problem in the UK. In the UK once a product is opened it is non-returnable, I think SpaceNK will refund if the product doesn't work for you but they are in the minority. Can you believe, I ordered the chanel water fresh in two colours opened the boxes (no cellophane wrapper) to check on colours through the bottle as it was clear. I kept one and sent one back – I was told that I had 'used' the product I returned and would not get a refund! Anyone else had this happen? Stella

  15. Connie Eugene Lim

    So effortlessly gorgeous!

  16. SandraO811

    Yes please do a video on the Smoke Sessions palette! I’m torn between that and Gemini and would love to see it on you!

  17. Alexandra Drummond

    I am in love with that Jordan Samuel body oil. I put a few drops on my legs, few drops of my arms and chest at the end of my shower when my skin is still wet. I love the After Show Treatment Cleanser as well. It's not the best on removing mascara, but super nice and gentle on the skin. Hope you like it!

  18. Tess Palmer

    I would love to see a melt palette look!

  19. Anne Prescott

    Watch Beauty News on Melt Cosmetics … issues with these palettes

  20. 8531022

    So glad to hear you mention Jordan Samuel! His “Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Hydrating Cleansing Oil” is holy grail for me.

  21. J H

    Hi Michele, love your videos and look forward to your uploads:) Just wondering what you think of the Melt cosmetics powder highlighters? And what other brands/formulations would you compare them to? I have over 100 highlighters so I will understand any reference. We don't have Melt in Australia. Thank you!

  22. Yolkey Tait

    I'm waiting on Michele Wang to hit 100K…she so near…

  23. Marysol Estela

    It makes me happy you are getting some really nice PR…. You deserve it!!!

  24. Gracie Vee

    Yes do an all day wear test on the By Terry powder! Ohh love the fluffy brush they sent. Really just love your By Terry PR!

  25. Elena Koira

    Oh, I'm so keen to hear what you think about Jordan Samuel's products! I absolutely love the cleanser from them!

  26. Lit Artistry

    Marc Jacobs has a shadow just like Pats in I believe one of the black elongated palette. I have it and LOVE it.

  27. Samantha March

    The orange lip looks great on you!

  28. gloryah B

    I’m super interested in your review on the organic oil. It sounds lovely! 😊

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