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  1. Erin Nicole TV

    Happy Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse Friday! 🤞🏻Hopefully this time there will be no technical issues with the video. I hope everyone is having a wonderful afternoon, today I’m sharing some luxury products that didn’t work for me or that I don’t use enough to justify the purchase. I do my best to only buy the best possible products but occasionally I find myself disappointed. Be sure to share your least favorite luxury products with the rest of us in the comments and don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway! Tonight is the deadline, all of the information is under my Holiday Haul! 😘😘😘

  2. Stefka Madere

    You always look stunning, but I really love the eye look today! Can you do a tutorial on it?

  3. KZ BeautyCoach

    You would love the Pat McGrath lip glosses! Wonderful formula and gorgeous opaque colors. Similar to Chanel glosses and Tom Ford but I think even better.

  4. Eva M

    Love your videos and your style!! So glad you mentioned the Nars liquid blush, I just picked it up today in the shade Torid, and was second guessing my decision, (whether it was a quality product) Have a great weekend!🥰

  5. Alisa Sepe

    Chanel eye gloss is pretty bad


    My biggest failed was the TF concealer. It was problematic for my skin. I developed a rash, dry and itchy throughout the day just around my eyes. At first I thought it was seasonal allergies. Then I stopped using the concealer after two weeks and the dryness went away.

  7. J T

    Your look is stunning!

  8. ladyesther

    I like to find my unloved makeup a forever home. It gives me great joy to give away products I do not like to friends and family who really want them. I look forward to the many new makeup palette releases this year. I can't wait to see the TF face palettes!

  9. Sheila Cauda

    Lovely light behind you!👍

  10. Allison Smith Rudnick

    Hi Erin. So glad you mentioned Chanel's New Moon. Far and away I believe it to be the most beautiful and versatile eyeshadow around. Either by itself, or over a powder shadow, it is always stunning. PS, happy new year!

  11. Carolyn Louise

    Wow…that was the sweetest, nicest, and most positive fail video I have ever seen.
    You are just lovely!
    Thank you for a very informative, and not negative video.

  12. Victoria Myst

    For me a huge disappointment was the Dior liquid eyeshadow from the fall collection. They must have changed the formula for the holiday edition since you like it so much; but they only just launched that product with the fall collection & I got a beautiful color that’s similar to the new liquid Chanel Vastness, but has some grey in it. the color looks so complex & reflective, but only freshly applied/swatched in s thick layer. the formula is a JOKE- if you blend it with a brush (any kind!) or softly smudge with a finger, it almost completely dissolves & blends into nothing. You keep layering & blending & it’s patchy. Plus it stings my eyelids🤦🏻‍♀️ Such a huge disappointment. The power look palette was gorgeous though (Dior powder eyeshadows used to be a lot less long lasting & having a lot more shimmer than actual color. I think they improved them, at least in that collection). Also the Dior concealer. Ages ago they used to have a concealer is a squeezy tube. It was the best. The best. I miss it so much. The one they have now is a good color match for me but it gives weird coverage under the eyes & is drying for the under-eye are- well, for me

  13. Victoria Myst

    Oh nooo… The Quintessence palette is one of my top favorites; I think it’s genius, I’m so sorry it didn’t work out for you… that transition color for the crease is one of the best I’ve come across… & the metallics are so buttery. I get a really soft & pretty look using that soft beige crease color, the red color on the outer v & the light champagne metallic on the lid🙃 I think the formula is so much better than the Affresco palette, too
    You know, however, I feel there’re way too many LE palettes released by our favorite brand, so we just don’t have enough time to really explore them & play with them & they really end up sitting in the drawer!:(( unfortunately
    That’s the downside of it, truly.
    Pat’s lux trance lipsticks are very good; formula wise- very unique, creamy yet long lasting (color range- not so sure).

  14. Janni D.

    Oh man I was so disappointed with that Armani fabric balm. It was the worst. It made me look sick. I literally just threw mine out a week ago.

  15. Theresa S

    I totally agree with you about the Bobbi Brown concealer and I’m glad it’s not just me that thought it was so thick that I just couldn’t use it. I’ve also had a problem with some of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks being very strange in color, very orange.

  16. Siddique Uzma

    Hi there, can you please tell me from which website to order all Gucci makeup products (blush, eyeshadow)? Can you plz share the link with me? Thank you 😊

  17. Dee


  18. Camilla Andersen

    Please do tutorials on the Norvina palette.

  19. Donna Drane

    I also did not buy the Chanel nine pan palette because the shades were all over the place. Another thing I regret buying from Chanel is the water tint. Too late to return it!

  20. Icecreamblonde1

    Erin have you seen the new Chanel La Fleur et l’Eau collection? Not sure where it’s available at the moment but it’s just come out and it’s sooo pretty😍😍!! I’m on a low-buy this year and my one exception is that I’m allowed whatever I want from the new Chanel collections as they bring me so much pleasure. However I wasn’t expecting to want so much – and it’s only January! Hopefully the UK releases will be staggered a bit else I’ll be living on toast in February 😂xx

  21. Karen Petursdottir

    Hi Erin. Happy New Year. Just want to let you know how much I love your channel. For me, the biggest disappointment of 2019 – and it pains me deeply to say this because I wanted to love it so much – was the Lisa Eldridge Love of My Life lipstick. It is a beautiful color but the performance of the lipstick was such a disappointment. In fact, I seriously thought that maybe I had gotten a dud that slipped through quality control. I tried so many different types of applications but nothing worked. It would fade after about 15 minutes and the more I blotted it and added more, it would just goop up on my lips and then by the afternoon would dry out so much that I had to take it off completely and start all over. So sadly it will become an expensive car lipstick (lipsticks I keep in my car for emergencies). So sad. The other two products I can't use for their intended purpose are the Chanel Camellia Water Cream and the Victoria Beckham/Augustinus Bader primer/moisturizer. They make my skin too greasy and make my foundation crease. But I use them instead for evening moisturizers or for days when I don't apply foundation and they work just fine for that but won't be a re-purchase.

  22. Sandra Spina

    You makeup looks beautiful today. I am concerned that Warm Memories will be too dark for me. Holding off on this launch.

  23. Dianne Hines-Parker

    Great review,have a fabulous day 💋💄

  24. Catnip 4

    I love watching your videos. You talk about products I am interested in. I really liked the PMG foundation but hated the Chanel water tint. No line is all good or all bad I have found Armani foundations are a little tricky in that they are not always comparable with primers and blushes. Happy 2020❤️ the TF eyeliner is my favorite it does last almost a year using daily

  25. Heather Barber

    Tom Ford Lip Lacquer – it wasn't just the badly designed applicator, the formula was horrible. Sisley eye twists – streaky and no color payoff. Chanel Hydra Beauty Cream – it is just an expensive moisturizer – no other benefits and it isn't even very moisturizing. There are a few others too that I decluttered this year, but I hate to think about it because they were expensive mistakes.

  26. Svetlana Nagar

    Your makeup in the video looks perfect 🌷

  27. Deborah Rosen

    Hi Erin! I agree with you on several of these products 👍. That Chanel 9 pan palette was not curated well for its colors 😞. Such a shame because the quality is there…. The Chanel eye gloss was such a fail too! I’m a collector of Chanel like you & it really hurts when a product by them doesn’t work…. Oh well, as you said, most of the products are a success so lucky for that. I’m going to start filing my receipts and return items right away if they don’t work out. Also I’ve decided to be more discreet about what cosmetics/skincare that I buy in 2020. Buy less, use more 👌😘. Xoxo Deborah

  28. Rinny Dale

    💖💖💖💖💖 ERIN 👍🏻👍🏻

  29. katekrissana

    The Tom Ford emotionproof concealer is not bad but very light in colour so I only use it a little bit on top of the cushion foundation and don’t set it with powder but lightly dusted with meteorites powder as a finishing powder followed by setting spray

  30. Becky C.

    Thanks Erin! Glad you could get this video to us after technical issues have been resolved. It’s always nice to be able to look at a product with a healthy dose of sceptisism. If you need inspiration for the Chanel eye palette, Michele Wang seemed to like it in the video she did.

  31. Hildamari Cabrera

    So far not impressed with the costly Augustin Bader The Cream after using it for a month.

  32. Ann R.

    I agree! That foundation was horrible for me as well! Love your channel and content. Such a joy to watch!!

  33. Natalie de jesus

    Erin I love the way your skin and makeup looks! Do you have a tutorial up on this look?

  34. Kelsey Gonzalez

    Yay it's back! You deserve some wine and chocolate for all the work you've done for this upload😅 Hope the rest of your Friday goes smoothly!❤

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