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  1. Fariha xo


  2. B Con-way MUA

    I love the Elemis Rose line, I have been using the “Elemis Pro Collagen Rose Facial Oil” totally worth the money!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Denise Thomas

    Your videos keep getting longer an longer LOL enjoys them btw

  4. Lisa Marshall

    Amy your make up always looks flawless, I am definitely going to try the puff pads, my nanna used those years ago. You look amazing and your eyes are so dark just like my son’s I have never seen some as dark, your eyes are really it sounds weird but They make you look at them, I promise I am not odd x

  5. clare e

    Another great video xxx

  6. Paula Stansfield

    Stunning I’ve learned a few makeup tips from previous vids, how much is the revolution setting spray, btw in ur hauls u should do try one’s xx

  7. Gini Helms

    I follow you on all social media! You’re gorgeous I always say that!

  8. Nicole Curran

    You are gorgeous babe Xxxx

  9. Johnnel Adderley

    Hello, hello Amy, is that one of your new capes you're wearing?? It looks so luxe.
    I am determined to give the Olay Beauty Fluid a try this year because you use it religiously in all your tutorials, so I know it has to be fantastic.
    You've convinced Amy, I will try using Powder Puffs to apply my face powders and I hope my skin looks as flawless as yours☺️.
    Thanks so much Amy for sharing all your favourite beauty products, it was very helpful. Have a great night honey, love you💕.

  10. Raini Simpson

    Great video Amy-Rose! Thanks for linking the products! Xx

  11. snazzk parz

    Your skin is just flawless 😍


    Your make up look amazing 🌹❤👍🏻

  13. Ali Kovacs

    Happy new year babe

  14. Ali Kovacs

    Hi amy look beautiful as always so pretty babe

  15. ikra Mahmood

    Love your videos Amy hope your new years going well love you xxxxxx


    Currently sitting in my dressing gown with my cuppa, watching your videos✨🥺can’t go wrong!❤️

  17. Calvin Liu

    Hi amy love you xxx

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