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  1. Fabian080690

    Jessica Kirson is comedy royalty.

  2. Caffeinated Nation

    0:07 Me: Nope. I'm gone.

  3. L K

    By 3:02 I was literally heaped over my dryer crying laughing.

  4. c4minho

    I've already watched this over 20 times and I might watch 20 more

  5. Mel Bees


  6. Sims4TV

    I'm beginning to think that men who insult female comedians are just trying to provoke a response so they can finally speak to one

  7. براہمداغ

    1:30 minutes, still waiting for something funny

  8. LordDragon156

    Fucking. WILD.

  9. Molly Percocets

    00:07 total JOKER laugh

  10. superdeluxesmell

    I have a theory that female comedians are working their way through the history of comedy. This video confirms that they’ve reached the early 80s.

  11. matrixfan23

    She can get it

  12. HaylonHarroo87

    “You ate 7 bags of almonds today”


    She’s so good now

    She’s always been funny, but she’s a master now

  13. john mausteller

    Juicing for childhood. Lol

  14. Dante

    I love her laugh!!!

  15. sailaway258

    I saw her live with yamaneika and she killed it ! Cant wait to see her again.

  16. jbaby007

    She is a riot 🤣

  17. Twilight Gardens presentations

    Love a broad built broad

  18. Joan Tron


  19. Ian Nelson

    Most of the time I like snort at comics videos. Occasionally I’ll chuckle. This woman had me full on cackling out loud

  20. Jarett Gardner

    She's great!!! I need more of her in my life!

  21. ʜᴀɴᴢō

    Was not expecting to laugh as much as I did

  22. Jason Is Awesome!

    Is it me or do a lot of these recent videos sound like the laughs are added in on a separate track? Sounds like a 90s sitcom

  23. Charity Changes Everything

    I need her to do a Michelle Duggar parody

  24. Bryan Da Ponte

    xD xD

  25. Zaine Ridling

    I love this woman! ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Lamar Black

    Another female comedian thats actually good!?

  27. Z sheesh

    She is officially a FAVORITE!!!

  28. Bobbi Sue

    💙 Love her. It feels good to laugh. Thank you. I forgot.

  29. Tammy Janssens

    She's fricken hilarious!!

  30. 1997HTAA

    I've seen this 10 times how are there no views

  31. Jeff B

    If she really is Jewish then she will read these comments

  32. The King Of Bananas




  34. Real Thing

    Wow! What a sense of timing! Your grandma was quite right. Thank you, Grandma ❣️

  35. Pataya

    I already thought this lady was hilarious but when she said, "All these answers are making me want to start cutting." I fucking lost it

  36. Scott

    that was amazing

  37. tritondriver1

    Wish I worked with her on my job LLLLLLLMMAAOOOO

  38. Jeff B

    According to this all I need to do to be funny is go on stage and say the exact same things I say to my therapist

  39. Otniel Manary

    Crying laughing

  40. Libriter

    Her special drops in few weeks

  41. safe space

    Good set….

  42. hjdarlings

    I laughed so hard

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