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  1. Capronice

    That car seat wedge looks perfect for me. Can you tell me what company it is from? Most cushions are made of memory foam and they really don't support you. I have been looking for the one in this video but I can't find it.

  2. Capronice

    I got chronic low back pain. I am uncomfortable in most cars. 2008 ford fusion is pretty bad, but the New Ford Impala is one of the best. It is all about the my knees getting higher than my butt. Toyota Sienna is pretty good. I drive a 1995 GMC Vandura Van which I find to be the most comfortable. When things get really bad I lay down in the back where I have a bed. No more sports cars for me.

  3. randhir virk

    hopefully this may help me . i have back pain from long time and recently bought toyota highlander xle 2018 . believe me or not driver seat is so uncomfortable that right now i am thinking to trade in for another suv and loose lot of my money. if your trick work in my case i will be able to save thousands of dollars. it looks sensible to me at this time whatever you said. i will post again if it work for me. thanks for your advice

  4. Tuba Man's Mom

    Im looking for a new SUV now and I am feeling so deflated in that I cant find a car that doesn't cause my neck immediate pain (I have degenerative discs). I survive with my current SUV with a tempurpedic car seat pillow that I stuff behind my back. Between car seats and head restraints, I feel like I am driving in a concave position

  5. kanda kumar

    Obviously she not in a suited vehicle for her body size.

  6. Gajanan Phadte

    For me, the wrong is right, due to congenital problem.

  7. Megan Neal

    Excellent advice!! Pelvic tilt first!! Yogis rejoice!

  8. Sue Sullivan

    This was helpful. Thanks! I'm going to check out the position of my lower back. I am super frustrated about the tilt of headrests. They're designed for people who lean back 25%. The headrest isn't as safe if you sit up straight. Here's an article on it. http://www.yogaback.com/new-car-headrests-designed-too-far-forward.html
    I'm working on a configuration where I can be safe and in a good ergonomic position.

  9. Jnguyen93

    I hate my 2015 honda fit seats. They're known to have very uncomfortable seats with no lumbar support whatsoever. My old 2007 Maxima had the most comfiest seats

  10. Lucy Bognar

    I have lumbar spinal stenosis but sit in passenger seat as don't drive but there is lumbar support in drivers seats in nissan qashqai so hubby as support but I don't 😢

  11. Tanga Toto

    Um….if you want to impart any useful information to the general public, don’t pepper it with disclaimers along the lines that you may run into problems with your insurance if you follow the advice ! ….and hilarious childish giggling doesn’t add much confidence either ….

  12. M D

    went from painful loaded Honda Pilot to base model Jeep Cherokee and lower back pain gone!

  13. Oleg Vishnevskiy

    I am truck driver. I have seat at least 5-6 hours and take brake 30 minutes, and keep drive again my next 5 hours. Thank you, I will try your suggestion.

  14. SandyC

    Thank you. I recently switched from an Equinox to a sporty sedan that I love but believe has been the culprit of my back pain. I'm truly debating selling it and switching back to an SUV. Going to try your tips and see how that goes. Thanks again.

  15. FrankenFoods

    Yeah, I've yet to find a car seat that''s just "flat". They all have this bottomless ass pit that you fall down into and it's hurts the hell outta my back and I don't even have back problems. I can sit in my office chair at work all day and no problem at all, get in a new car seat and pain begins. I have an old prius 2005 with a flat seat i can drive for miles. best bet is to drive a larger car with flat seats, or a truck. All cars i noticed are very uncomfortable now. I had to return a brand new mazda because i had the same problem as the lady. My head hit the roof when i tried to drive with a cushion. Only option now is to keep getting my car repaired over and over and drive it into eternity.

  16. aldo muhammad wirangga

    agreed doctor, most of new car seat isn't proportional and ergonomic and i really hate it. and the headrest design is awfull, i still had a backpain and shoulderpain because of it, still suffering while driving my 2016 toyota nav1. i allready turn my headreast and it doesn't help. why car manufactured nowadays created car seat design to be back breaker. im sorry to say but mostly i have bad experiance with new car. 2010 toyota yaris, 2014 honda crv, 2015 honda jazz/fit, 2015 toyota innova, 2016 toyota nav1 i hate thoose car seat.

  17. NIX

    ugh i just hate my 2001 crv seat

  18. john r schwille

    Three of us watched this together and found it helpful. I recognized all my signs of bad posture in the car that I wasn't sufficiently aware of. I 'm going to try to rolled towel myself

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