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  1. Kaushal Beauty

    Thank you all soooooo much for the lovely messages – sending you all lots of love & light this Sunday evening <3 xx

  2. Durya Waheed

    Gorgeous look, but honestly how many hours it took to get all this done. Please be honest. I'm just gonna have to multiply that by 2 to get it if I have to go to an event.

  3. Chloe Carman

    YES! I much prefer natural lighting to studio lighting for makeup videos

  4. Ridhi Singla

    U look gorgeous n happy. Stay blessed

  5. Entertainment TV

    you're beautiful honey ♥

  6. divinetiming

    Why is your makeup on point always?😍😘😍😘😍💗
    Love your.makeup!!!
    Do it on me💗

  7. Pooja Kashyap

    Very nice,,😍😍

  8. Poulami Chowdhury

    Now a days most of the youtuber are changing track and are making kind of challange and prank vedio.as it is popular on youtube.hope u will explore makeup more rather than changing content ,love u and ur makeup a lot.pls share such amazing makeup looks more.

  9. Taniya Khan

    From Bangladesh 1st time comment love you so much….

  10. ibrahim ijaz

    awsome very good i love you

  11. ibrahim ijaz

    beautiful weeding makeup videos

  12. Seema Gawarne

    Hello miss….we are looking for a youtube blogger for our product advertisement n would like to contact you.kindly reply how should we contact u..kindly share ur email id


    Hello ! 😊
    I just loved this look ! 😍
    You are my favorite make-up artist ! ❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Asma Minhas

    Beautyful and different make over khusal dear

  15. Teji Singh

    M ur new subscriber
    U r amazing
    And u r soooooo gorgeous😘😘

  16. Dr. Sim Choudhary

    Gorgeous 😍💕

  17. Soma Sharma

    Love your makeup…all vedio I watch

  18. Asma Abdul Aziz

    Woooww, loved it 😍 please make more get ready with me.. I love watching them 😍😍



  20. Sony PlayStation boss

    Absolutely gorgeous MashaAllah loved this look the colour peach awesome xx

  21. MissJas K

    Love your grwm, you are so pretty ❤️just posted a new vid on my channel please do check it out.

  22. Shrouk Nael’s world

    Hey beauties ♥️ my name is shrouk Nael, i love sharing with you my makeup and beauty tips and tricks
    Please subscribe 🥰❤️

  23. Rehana Hussain

    Wow my favourite look on you!! Stunning 😍😍

  24. Svetlana

    Omg so pretty! I love Becca foundation it’s so pretty

  25. Sarah Hassan

    Love love love your videos , keep doing them in daylight you look amazing 💓💓💓💓

  26. Egeli Gezgin

    Türk bayan yokmu

  27. Egeli Gezgin

    Slm sohbet etmek isteyen yalnız bayanlar 0542 682 02 06 vatsap varsa yaz sohbet edelim

  28. alittlekiran

    Great hair tip! I need to try that, gorgeous look xxx

  29. Ess Ayee

    Stunning look! Love the colour on the lids really suited you and you look stunning as always 😍😍😘

  30. Aishaaa

    Honestly ive been thinking so much about how filters and lighting in youtubers videos make their face look doll like and almost "fake" but i am so glad that you make videos using natural lighting and no filter. You are giving people the confidence to shine in their own skin and come to terms with the fact that make up isn't an extention of your skin and will never make you look smooth as a filter (unless youre really blessed with amazing skin, in which case thats also great) Make up is just there to enhance your natural beautiful features and make you feel good! Love this look so much! You are so relatable and clued on. Thank you for making people feel good in their own skin. Xx

  31. ChicoHierroVM

    Acá todo de seguro son re lindos y yo no

  32. Aliana A'na

    Look like shradha kapoor


    This one is Kaushal's most beautiful look ever. Though you're beautiful with & without makeup. Wish I could you someday. Hi from India ❤

  34. Shaista Ghazal

    Is it delina or delina exclusive? I love both but delina exclusive comes on top

  35. garima sharma

    Beautiful especially an eye makeup 👌🏼☺️

  36. Waheedunnisa Yakoob


  37. The Heena Style

    You r really beautiful soul and very decent all time 😘😘😘😘

  38. priyanka agarwal

    Simply wowwww….so real and pure ..no filters …amazing

  39. Hareem Fatima

    Eye shadows are looking great in your eyes marvelous

  40. Faisal Khan

    Nice makeup look 👌

  41. jess


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