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  1. Mel Thompson

    completely unrelated….but I am so glad to see the Christmas trees back!!! They were there when I first found you and I LOVE them 🙂 XOXOXO

  2. Angie McAdam

    Thank you so much for doing this video. You're so brave and respect you so much.

  3. Emily Greene

    Thanks for bringing micro plastic to my attention! I'd never heard of that. I'm going to need to reevaluate the plastic contents of everything I wash now. I have a septic tank that leaches into my pasture and eventually filters down into the water table. Time to research!

  4. Poorstargazer23

    When you just discovered Dear Katie Brown pressed glitter and it's black Friday and half off and so you order multiple palettes and THEN see this video….. 😅🤔🌟

    In the grand scheme of things, glitter makes me happy. I am zero waste is many areas of life, I use reusable shopping bags, produce bags, towels over paper towels, stainless steel water bottle and travel mugs, straws, etc. I recycle all bottles and cans I do get (like canned cat food or glass spice containers) even though my apt doesn't have recycle bins and I have to take them to my bf's parents house and use their recycle bin 😅

    I guess I just feel like I picked my poison with liking glitter, but I do strive to do "better" in other areas of life.

    Hopefully, biodegradable glitter becomes more readily availible cause I'd be all over that! 🌟🌟🌟

  5. Cheri B

    I was really glad to hear this- I've been wondering what the deal with not-eye-safe glitter eyeshadows were all about. Thank you.

  6. Zzzgomot

    You're killing it with the content ideas lately! I'm enjoying it Lauren 🙂

  7. Frennie Jamshidian

    Thank you for doing this research and sharing the info! It’s important to be armed with info so we can make decisions we feel good about. I gotta say though that every time that you said “literally” you definitely should have said “glitterally.” Anyone who disagrees can fight me.

  8. Hajra S

    Thank you for this well-researched and eye-opening video! I think for a makeup myth busting series, a next topic I would wanna see is pressed pigments!

  9. sandra sofia

    Hi what about microplastic fibers of makeup brushes? When we wash it it goes to the ocean right?

  10. Kaitlyn Williams

    I would love to see one of these types of videos on mica. Refinery 29 did a great video on the impact and what’s being done about it! 🙂 loved this video!!

  11. Emily Stevens

    Thumbs up for the Matrix reference, but for real, thanks for telling us what’s up!

  12. Nila Banlow

    Lauren you giving us to many disclaimers. It’s unnecessary, you are providing great content here

  13. Maple Leaf

    I was so relieved when you found the Clionadh shadows had no micro plastic. I spent the evening googling the ingredients for all my palettes looking for polyethylene terephthalate. Really interesting video!

  14. Beauty With A Heart

    Oh no!
    I love glittering eyes, though not so much into pressed glitter… Now i have to reconsider using glitters for the sea animals and ourselves. No worries, shimmering and chromes eyeshadow is great too.
    Thank you so much for widening my knowledge.:)

  15. Julie Videau

    Thank you so much for the knowledge!

  16. Luba Zak

    Appreciate the information. Thanks for doing the research. New Sub.

  17. nataliiaforbeauty

    I have very sensitive eyes due to the surgery performed. An hell no, I will not use glitter on my face! For me, it is not worth it. Now, we have so many great metal and duochrome eyeshadows. I can acheave (almost) same look using some eye safe makeup.

  18. Juli L

    Oh my, if you start going down the rabbit hole even more you won't be able to enjoy any of your beauty products. Polymers are in EVERYTHING. Haircare, skincare….. It's sad.

  19. The Merz

    Ooo that's cool Roen fits the bill! Gives me an excuse to purchase them! 😉 It would be nice if this was advertised highly. I would purchase or pay a little more if I knew what companies offered this. Hopefully word of mouth & demand for this gets more prevalent.

  20. Kat Chang

    I appreciate you and your channel so much! Looking forward to more of this series <3

  21. Emily Kravish

    Have you seen The Good Place on Netflix? There was a season that touched on the fact that everything can have negative effects…like you go to the store to buy a tomato and even if you choose an organic tomato how do you know it was farmed ethically? Like every decision you make even if you think it’s a good one it can still have negative consequences. It’s hard these days to be a consumer!

  22. Rebekah N

    Maybe this will be helpful. When I went cruelty-free a yr ago, I tried hard to focus on the brands I could buy from instead of the ones I gave up. I've been trying more indie brands since they're usually cruelty-free. Now I don't miss MAC at all.

  23. Rebekah N

    I read one article that said the biodegradable glitter was still bad for fish. I mean, it def solves a lot of issues. But of course it doesn't dissolve overnight. Fish are attracted to shiny things (like fishing lures and glitter). They eat it and it kills them. 😥

  24. Rebekah N

    Thank you so much for doing this. As someone who has been frustrated on this issue, I'm glad to get more info. Makeup just for fun has been saying she wants to do a video about the risks/dangers from an professional standpoint. She used to work for an eye doctor I believe.

  25. PoshTotty02

    Omg, you look radiant in this video! I love this look!

  26. rj cole

    ☠💀👻 if you are going to be just another "politically correct " guru I gotta go. Sorry.

  27. Adele Steiner

    This is a great conversation starter & think piece. I'm sitting here with glitter shadow on my eyes from Tati's palette & glitter polish on my nails from Holo Taco & I gave 0 thought to anything beyond "Oooo, pretty sparkles" when I bought all of this stuff. Now I want to do that research & figure out my best path forward.

  28. Deidra Zimmerschied

    We call glitter "the devil's dust" at the library where I work!

  29. Knowledgeandbeauty

    How do we send this video to colourpop?

  30. 6dazey9

    At this point the world is burning to a crisp, glitter will add sparkle to the apocalypse.

  31. Cris AD

    I feel this way about cruelty free make up. I appreciate your decision and I appreciate you taking the time to make this video and put yourself in the position.

  32. AUT Makeup

    for instance "nature Glitz" is an Austrian brand which produces glitter that is 100% eco-friendly. They have beautiful colors with beautiful textures and you don't need to feel bad. Because it is so fascinating how it works. When you wash off the glitter micro organism decompose the glitter( which is plant based) so it doesn't harm the environment. Check out their website, YouTube or Instagram account if you are interested. And yeah I might sound like an ad but I just discovered this brand 2 months ago and I'm so happy and hyped about that fact that you don't have to feel bad. There are options out there and I wanna share this with you. I hope it was helpful. ☺️☀️ Lauren this is an amazing video!!

  33. MaryjanePiafka

    Two things
    1. About the microplastic that's from your clothes. There is a German brand that makes the 'guppy bag' you wash your clothes as you always do but in this bag (two if you have a big washing machine) and it filters the fibers. Great thing I have it it's sturdy and I regularly see the difference. You just clean it up and throw it in the bin.
    2. If you use Glitter on your face /body take a piece of tape and take it off before you go in with your makeup remover and into the bin!
    Hope it helps! Have a great journey 🙂

  34. Emmy Bailey

    I was already going to funnel my spending money into roen and clionadh and this video makes me feel even better about it haha. Didn’t even know synthetic mica was a thing so thanks for the info. Briogeo apparently uses responsibly sourced mica in their shimmery hair products.

  35. Chrysalis

    Pretty sure synthetic mica means plastic lol

  36. lindsey bailes

    Silent Spring https://www.amazon.com/dp/0618249060/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0bV3DbV4SCJ0K

    This is a great book that talks about the environment and the impact substances can have on entire ecosystems.

  37. carole mcphee

    Oooooh! That sucks. I just heard about them not being eco friendly, but I had no idea. Thanx for this video Lauren

  38. Robin Goblin

    Also, a MAKEUP MYTHBUSTING series would be such a hit! I hope you keep with it!

  39. Robin Goblin

    This is a fantastic video. Bravo!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I so agree with you—SOMETHING is better than nothing.

  40. Rose Dempsey

    You should do a video like this on the mica industry

  41. Tiana Stroshin

    Your hair 😍

  42. katy abreu

    Do eyeshadow palettes have these glitters likes the ABH sultry? Or is it only the pressed glitters like the colourpop ones? Does the Stila liquid glitter have plastic? Is there an ingredient I can look for to know if it is a plastic or not? So many questions, I want to do my part but not sure where I start

  43. kitty kat beauty

    I use tape to get glitter off. Its not going down the drain when you use that method. And its better for your face and eyes to use tape to take glitter off. If you want to use your glitter and not wash it down the drain

  44. Dancing Glitter Squirrels

    Great video idea! I have a story about this. I am a professional dancer and one of the other dancers got glitter in her eye in the dressing room one evening and she literally spent the rest of the night trying to nurse it so she could get on the floor. Her eye was clearly injured. It was quite red and she was in a lot of pain. On a night that my friend expected to make money for survival she ended up crying and in pain in the dressing room all night. It may have been craft glitter?

  45. clarinetpride55

    It's about the level of cognitive dissonance that one is willing to live with. For example, you said no one has to wear glitter but no one has to eat animals and bi-product either and the latter is far more harsh on the environment. Doing one but not the other doesn't absolve one of their own environmental responsibility, but it's just putting things into perspective of levels of cognitive dissonance that we're comfortable with.

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