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  1. J Christopher

    Hey Beautiful JoviBeauty! For those in the know, I hear this is no secret. And thank you for putting it out that trans men and women are being harmed and killed. Far too often we will glorify the criminal element in our community, which by the way, many a criminal will partake in sexual activity with trans women (on the hella lo), but yet we turn our backs on those who simply want to live their lives. However, if he was abusing his trans girlfriend, there is only so much sympathy I can give him. We don’t know and will never know if that abuse would have lead to his trans girlfriends death. So yes, support is needed, but we must also look at the fact that many of these men abuse their trans partners due to their own inner conflicts. JoviBeauty you are truly a truthful, intelligent, funny, down to earth and beautiful human being, and I’m here for it!

  2. Cire Soprano

    Short answer

  3. PrettyMoneyLife

    I don’t respect him. Him not being able to admit he’s gay is equivalent to him being down low . Period.

  4. Constance Rowland

    He also played Janet Jackson's husband in WHY DID I GET MARRIED 1 & 2.

  5. Justin Case


  6. GABOS

    Malik Yoba is pronounced "May Lick Yo Balls"

  7. Gia Watson

    Please teach your children the truth… most schools will teach them lies

  8. Gia Watson

    Thank you don’t like CIS term either…term unnecessarily for the real thing

  9. Sheik Unique

    I absolutely agree with you Jovi…most people out here bashing gays are the ones who are down-low gay!! I have no issue with no one in the gay community, I have an issue with people living their lives as if their str8 and have wives, and living down-low…be true!
    And also, it's contradicting too in a way of the trans/gay community when they want us to accept them, and then you have some transgenders out here "outing" men or women for being with them like it's "bad"…so society is gonna go off of your energy…they're gonna perceive things how you explain it and show it!! Smh…The world we live in today!!

  10. Gloria Harding

    He probably started liking them wjhen he realized he ha beem worrking with a bunch of mtf

  11. Nomfundo Fuma

    Women are women not CIS women. Transgender women are men who try by all means to simulate what a woman is but overdo it and they have the xy chromosome engraved in them. It does not matter how many hormonal shots you take you is still a MAN.

  12. Nomfundo Fuma

    Very soon that Nigga will be wearing a dress or skirt🤷🏾‍♀️.

  13. Devin Adair

    I'm soooooo tired of people DISCRIMINATING against heterosexuals for NOT riding this PROPAGANDA wave!!!😒

  14. The Future Mrs Mahogany Bozeman

    My wish for the world is for everyone to live their lives truthfully and comfortably. I thought you knew that he was trans attracted. He played a role in a play of a trans woman and he said that he liked it. I'm glad that he's open and honest to tell his truth. I'm sick and tired of the EXPOSED CULTURE. I'm praying for the young man's who he considered family to him. But keep in mind we're all living in a world where everyone wants everything gender neutral and believe gender fluidity.

  15. Desiree Dickson


  16. Diabla Beauty

    No he isn’t

  17. Detroit Man

    There's no such thing as transgender" you're either with a male or a female. That negro is gay bottom line.
    Romans 1:26‭-‬28
    For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.

  18. daisy1985

    Great he told people he like transgenders. I hope more men come out and admitted so they can be at peace doing there own thing. Buuuuuut..homeboy need to call the shit what it is…he is bisexual…stop that soul talk bullshit..it's delusional…until he say what it is instead of pretty it up…then he will still be hiding

  19. Melanin Poppin

    I perfer for men but especially black men to more honest about their attractions or sexuality then them be DL men sleeping with both women & men or whatever.💯at least he was courageous enough to speak out about his attraction to (transwomen) but then he could be someone that's super attracted to femininity & it's not about the gender or genital of the person but more about feminine characteristics, who knows that's his business…

  20. Marc Leon

    I commend you for humanizing transgender people and speaking on the murders. I never understood why some black folks come down so hard so gay people CONSIDERING black folks are still being oppressed. How stupid are some of you for oppressing someone when you are always at any time subjected to the same treatment? Next, I don't understand why some sistas act so immaturely about the situation. Why would you make fun of a black man who is man enough to openly tell the world what he likes? Would you rather he be on the DL impregnating you with 4 kids before he decides to tell you his truth as some of these ultra-macho brothas do? Brotha, grow up. Why don't you man up and make the deadbeat fathers feel the shame you try to make gay dudes feel? How is it masculine to make babies and not take care of them? Lastly, dudes look at it as the glass half full. If a man says he's gay or whatever, rejoice. He making the competition in finding good women less steep. Its all about perspectives.

  21. Patty Thompkins


  22. Shebba Sanders

    Under cover was the right show for him to be a star in! Lmao😄😄😄

  23. Safiyyah Rasheed

    I had no ideas Gossipgirlxoxo was trans is that true … she looks really good

  24. 416tash

    To answer your question in short……Hell no he ain't staright.

  25. I Speak 4 Me

    Honestly is key. MEN stop being scared and live in your truth. It's nor fair when men hide it. ITS COWARDLY. Leave people alone unless your involved. 💄

  26. Joshua Valentine

    I don’t care what he does but if he likes penis sexually that is homosexual behavior by definition.

  27. MR. NOBODY

    There are MEN and there are women pretending to be men and there are WOMEN and there are men pretending to be women…there is no such thing as trans women or trans men…we have a 2 sex system…MEN and WOMEN. Feel free to like whoever you like and feel free to be whoever you want to be…but let's not ALL pretend like we all fucking STUPID because the MEDIA and certain communities wants us all to act like we fucking stupid with all this stupid fuck shit LABELS they keep creating. If you do not accept the NORMAL 2 sex system and wish to deviate from the norm then you are GAY. A man is not a woman of any kind and a woman is not a man of any kind. Now, society might wish to change these rules to prevent other people from self harming themselves, but, if you are mentally weak enough to self-harm, then no matter how much society change to help you, EVENTUALLY…you will end up harming someone…whether it be yourself or someone else…personally, I'd rather you harm yourself than harm innocent people. I don't care if people choose to be gay or is born that way (and I do believe people are born that way), but, let's not PRETEND it's something that it is not. If you do not identify as your born sexual gender then you are gay…point blank period! And if you like men who pretend to be women, then you are gay…same thing with women. It annoys me to no end that a woman can be with another woman who tries to look like a man and act like a man, but she will say she is not attracted to men…that shit makes no sense to me…if you are not attracted to men, then why you with someone who acts like and tries to emulate everything about the very beings you are not attracted to? The sad thing is this…until we as a society is honest and treats homosexuality as a mental disorder…I don't think we will ever truly deal with this situation realistically. I'm not saying we should treat gay people as less than human…but, not to acknowledge that a man who thinks he is a woman and a woman who thinks she is a man…is not normal…to try and normalize it…makes no sense. The sad thing is this…a gay man who pretends to be a woman KNOWS he's not a woman…same thing with a gay woman who pretends to be a man…THEY KNOW! I don't give a fuck what they say…THEY FUCKING KNOW! So, why are STRAIGHT people out here in force pretending like they are real men and women? Would you truly RESPECT people who lie to you? So when you lie to a gay person…do you think they truly respect you? Be honest and supportive of people WITHOUT lying to them. If someone says they are gay…then just accept them for who they are without judgment. But, if a man tells you he is a woman or if a woman tells you she is a man…just be honest and say get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!

  28. C C

    A transgender woman just accused Malik Yoba of having sex with her when she was a 13 year old prostitute back in the 90's.

  29. Goldy Samson

    Wow all the shit out here you choose to drag Malik Yoba.

  30. J Christopher

    I think these guys who claim thy are dating “straight” men need to realize that the man sees them as nothing more that a sexual object. In these “straight” guys mind, the other person is not a man in any way shape or form. Does that make it right? Not for me to say. But I do believe people need to be honest with their potential partners period

  31. Cat Mart

    Sister, that man is like all celebrities, he's from a hermaphrodite's lineage.Stop looking under the belt: Watch their mid masculine/feminine skeleton from forehand to hand and foot. I call them the harlequeens. Why do they have to hide from us by the way: are we savage? Think well anddon't be like those blind orcorrupted spreading the gay, trannies's stuff. They are all gay, because they are both genders in one body.
    Why "men" look feminine and "women" masculine in their big big family, that have been enslaving usfor centuries. All that under the cover of kindness. Oh how they love us!

  32. VAWN

    My gaydar was always off with him, however I respect him for living in his truth unlike some of his peers

  33. Patryce Burgess

    Gossip Girl is trans…she used to be Jacob Kohinoor

  34. Patryce Burgess

    I’m just tripping on how NOBODY will ever let this man off the hook for ashy lips 🤣

  35. Dd East

    Thank you for this Jovi. I’m glad you took this serious and hope you can change some opinions and bad transphobic behavior 🧡

  36. Yaadgyal09

    Malik yoba is gay….

  37. Gloria Briggs

    I say malik needs to live his life we can't judge no ones life

  38. Gloria Briggs

    hi girl I say live your life that's a shame

  39. England by Sandra

    I don’t care about what ones sexual preference is. The IMPORTANT thing is that they are upfront with the person who is heterosexual….

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