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  1. Šárka Švadlenková

    Diet Plan known as Fenoboci Diet Plan kept appearing here on different youtube and I thought they were scam. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost lots of weight by using it without starving herself. I'm persuaded. You should not take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on google.

  2. Bobbi Horn

    I love your hair momma June !!

  3. Pain Fool

    At 2:26 I could not stop going back to look at honey BOOBOO XD where did she even get that?

  4. Hayhay Hayhay

    now its alanas turn

  5. Natalie

    Lol size 4-5, my ass. She's like a size 12.

  6. Malibeaux Manhattan

    I'm glad that June realised most of the way through her weight loss program that losing the weight was for herself and not for that little shit head that isn't worth looking at… Well done June.

  7. Jimbo Slice

    Still trash

  8. Lili Gardner

    So if mama June was 309.5 and she lost 300 that's.. … 9.5lbs? Might wanna just like fix that a bit.

  9. andrew mondik

    she still needs her neck done

  10. cullis102

    my heart is sweater than bacon

  11. Bob Thornton

    James Cameron

  12. TheLoomGames

    Still got that double chin

  13. Angry Panda

    well honey boo boo was skinny and her mum was fat! now honey boo boo is fat and her mum is skinny wtf is life

  14. betsy

    I need to know how this magic weight lost diet works nowwww

  15. Crazy Gracie

    i bet her daughter weighs more than her

  16. Band Trash

    It's great that she had lost weight because she looks soo good!…but now she has to work on honey boo boo

  17. Sandy Vale

    And she still thinks it's ok for her little girl to eat junk food. If anyone needs/deserves help it's that child. That woman really freaks me out, weight notwithstadning.

  18. That Cloudy Guy

    Look what you can do Alana! SO FUCKING DO IT!! And while you're at it, stop acting like you're black!

  19. Julie Karam

    My colleague was the one who told me about the diet when she told me how she lost her weight. She was able to shed 18 lbs. Have a look at “sowo hope site” on google.

  20. Sheniece Mcfarlane

    you can tell June is a soft kind hearted person, who just wanted to feel good about herself. WHAT IS EVERYONE'S PROBLEM?

  21. Treuna Fears

    weight loss green store tea is impressive because at the price of less than half of similar products, you have one of the best products a person could ever have. it is 100 percent pure! It is the highest of the weight-loss division and just does what it wants you to think of it.

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