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  1. Thamsanqa Khoza

    iSummer Boss…

  2. Simphiwe Nhlapho

    We already lost R mashesha Danger&Tira they must talk 2dis kunenkinga ayihlekisi le

  3. Busisiwe Dube

    Yoooo I want his remedy

  4. Tukkies

    Ningenaph ✋✋✋✋

  5. Njabulo Goodman

    He's still the same mampintsha can't wait for the new track… ⏪⏮▶⏭⏩♪♪♪♪

  6. Zukiswa maqolo

    guys no one is saying mapintsha is sick. if he is sick he needs to go to the clinic. if he hits the gym he needs to tell the trainer to do things that will make his body firm. you can see when he dance he doesnt have energy. its only him who knows wht is happening to him. but i feel sorry for him i loved the old mampitsha with umkhaba.

  7. Hlengiwe Mthembu

    Ok sickness aside..when one feels threatened in a relationship they start to watch their weight,go to gym and so on..these Keto diets drains a person at first in a way that they might look sick..I think the guy has been under a lot of stress.. knowing him I believe he will eventually bounce back soon..(atleast that's what I hope for)

  8. Sanelyf Channel

    Soooo what do we want when they gain we refer them to the gym and if they lose there are sick

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