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  1. Alex Green

    I love the information on content . Many thanks!

  2. Pugnacious Pug

    AAAaAAaAaAaaAaAa this is so heartwarming

  3. johnny fish

    Well done sir !!
    Many happy years !!!!

  4. Bhoomika Sachdeva

    This was sooo cute!!! ❤❤❤❤❤😭

  5. MollyTorsvik

    so what kind of pogram did he use to make himself into animation like that?

  6. jabba da hutt

    What if she had said…… ….no

  7. Benjamin Castillo

    I will just ask my girl during a commercial break.

  8. Marco Reyes

    What an awesome proposal!

  9. David Hernandez

    Good job man

  10. Boemtie

    How is any mortal man going to top this..sigh..dislike

  11. Luke Maney

    Wow, that was pretty special!

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