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  1. Dawn Robinson

    Get to the point

  2. Martha Espinosa


  3. Gordon Anderson

    Is it too difficult to narrate a video instead of using a robot voice? Trust me , the robot voice turns a lot of people away. Me being one of them.

  4. xXrose galaxy xX

    Dont worry guys!! if you have joint pain that can be caused by stress,high blood sugar,high cholesterol,and sudden running or movement that the body hasnt been doing. but in other cases…servere pain in the bones or joints that get worse,lumps under or on the skin,swelling or redness you should talk to your your very soon cause that can indacte bone cancer,or a serious joint inflamattion or the flu

  5. ERK ele

    pag di naagapan ang cancer ?mamatay tayu? eh talaga naman lahat tayu sa kamatayan patutungo cancer ang dahilan ng kamatayan ng karamihan sa aten .kya lang naman.gumagaling yun nagkakanser kasi extention lang yun pero mamatay pa rin ang nagkaroon ng cancer.time mu na time mu na walang makakatakas sa kamatayan kahit sinuman .


    This type of videos no need background music its disturbing the voice

  7. Mixmix M

    OMG I have all of this

  8. Hayley Dryden

    You would go from stage one cancer to final stage the amount of time it takes to get a doctor's appointment in the UK and when you do get an appointment they fob you off…

  9. XxRedWolf SabrinaXx

    Fam I have bruises everywhere I’m known as the bruise girl in my family

  10. Takalani Mutsharini

    Thank you

  11. Robert Lee

    Robot voice is terrible.

  12. Shun Kurosaki


    … Thanks boo boo

  13. GlenPlayz Roblox

    I have that one in the thumbnail But its always becoming Fine

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