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  1. M123 456

    I dnt think stars are sad. It’s a visual aid and helps!

  2. M123 456

    I live in Newcastle and IT’S THE BEST!

  3. Yr Hen Ogledd

    LossLisa on MyFitnessPal

  4. Nicole Daly

    I’m so happy you’re posting again, when I was first getting into makeup at about 13/14 I would watch your videos all the time.
    I stopped watching YouTube for a bit and forgot all my passwords and can’t get into my old account so I made a new one a few years ago and was trying to remember all the people I was subscribed to on my old account so I could subscribe again. It was only that I googled “British beauty youtubers” and saw your name pop up that I had that lightbulb moment and thought “aaah yes!”
    I used to try all your celebrity looks myself, and try some of my own haha.
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re posting again, I’m such a makeup hoarder and I’ve been collecting revolution pallets recently. If you go direct on their website they have some absolute bargains in their sale section! Haha.
    Sorry for the super long comment! I look forward to more videos! X

  5. Naomi C

    I know exactly how you feel about the uniform! I work in a warehouse and the uniform is all mens sizes! They don't do any clothes for women everything is in men's! 😔

  6. sara lipkind

    Lash curlers do wonders

  7. nina ayala

    Hi Lauren, I’m a young mom and I would love to hear your story and how you did it with Jordan so young. I really need some advice and encouragement. Love your videos btw ! I’ve been watching since I was 13 .

  8. coryoropeza

    so glad you are back!!! my sister and i started watching your videos i believe in 2008 maybe, been following a long time, so glad to see your videos again!!! cant wait for your Lucky Dips videos!!!

  9. TripleMRocks

    Hi Lauren I have been watching you since the beginning and I am glad your back …you are multi-talented and I will watch what you put on Youtube. I would love to see your cooking! ha ha cooking with Lauren! anyway it is nice to see a genuine original Youtuber! Also, I am not sure if you watch her but she is also a great Youtuber and stays out of drama…her name/channel is: Zabrena…she is a ginger and I think you will like her! stay original don’t change for society, change because it makes YOU feel good!

  10. Kristin bubblegum

    I would LOVE some cooking videos😇❤️

  11. Karen

    My Fitness Pal: DeflatingKaren 🥰

  12. DaughterofaKing

    You'll love the Voluminous by Loreal–it's so lush. Right now I've been wearing Snapscara by Maybelline to work and I LOVE it for a quick mascara. It so light and comes off super easy! I use the purple and my co-workers keep getting random glimpses of the color when I turn my face and go "Is that PURPLE?!" because straight seeing, it almost looks like black. I love it 🙂

  13. DaughterofaKing

    watching this video had me laughing because I feel like I relate so much! I'm a barista and my day starts at 3:30am! And when we are really busy, it can be quite a cardio day as well as strength from when we get orders in with all the boxes of product! I'd be tired too haha! I definitely hit the bed at 7:30pm (or 1900) 🙂 LOved this video still!

  14. sophieanncarter

    Wilkos makeup is FAB! You need to go back and try it! Their lipstick and lip liners are brilliant, theres a mascara in a pink tube that I find fabulous on my lashes (I know everyone is different like!) And their eyeliners! There's a bright green wind up crayon one and I use it with every makeup look i do, even for work and it's brilliant and doesn't budge, also doesn't look wacky either subtle and makes your eyes look lovely I always get compliments xx Give them a go! 🙂 xxx

  15. Catherine Daviesss


  16. Mystical Malissa

    You are like a breath of fresh air! <3

  17. Lanna Carpenter

    Look for seche vive gel effect top coat (blue bottle). I found it on amazon. It is an excellent top coat, less chipping.

  18. Connar Hutchinson

    Boots used to sell a great Soap & Glory mascara with the micro fibers in to extend and fill the lashes, though I'm not sure if they still stock it

  19. Beth black

    Back in the day you were my Youtube big sister. I have missed you!!

  20. Rachel King

    👏👏👏you make my day!! So happy to see and hear you ❤️

  21. E Adams

    Glad to have you back, and see you so happy! Listening to your stream of consciousness is such a delight – your language is so rich and expressive! Your humour and conscientious manner tops it all off. I’ve been following for years but hardly ever comment (it’s about time), but just wanted to say thank you 🙂

  22. mariesy mcewan

    Lauren I think you would get great results with the Liz Earle skincare range it’s fantastic!!!! Love your videos it’s like having a lovely cousin from Newcastle x

  23. lillian wemyss

    Hi Hun was shopping at weekend at boots they are doing affordable skin care I bought hyralonic serum and moisturizer think they where £6each got caffiene eye cream and vitamin c serum ithink it came to £23 for the four I have used ole Hendrickson vitamin c serum and cream but it's expensive so I'm on a budget now the caffiene eye cream was good I take a lot of meds makes me puffy but it helped with eye bags and creases but I'm not sure about you using them cos u have sentive skin but there good zoom zoom

  24. MSan2030

    Yes, cooking videos 👍

  25. Hilary

    QUESTION: Do you think you would be interested in doing vlogging? No pressure videos. Like daily routine, what I eat in a day, house or room tour? Or just a video of you being you talking! You are so easygoing and relatable. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air on fake YouTube. ✨💖

  26. medutz

    please, oh please stop using expired product directly on your skin and on your eyes. I also have rosacea, it flares up from anything from weather changes, dust in the room and any product that isn't super delicate with the skin. Just chuck the old ones, get whatever's on discount after the holidays and do some simpler looks. PS: my skin is flaring up now even worse after the holidays because I had gluten, eggs and milk which also kick it into high gear. My skin clears up when I eat clean, you could keep a lookout if that changes when you skip unhealthy snacking for a week. PPS: no need to apologise about being yourself in your videos, nor about making videos about doing things you love such as cooking and doing art, we are here after so many years because we love you just the way you are

  27. marauderpig

    I'm marauderpig25 on my fitness pal if you want to add me! I'd love some motivation. I've got 2 kids, one is 5months old and a velcro baby, and so I sit a lot. I got a versa for Christmas, so I'm trying to keep track of my steps, but I need to start pushing myself a bit more.

  28. Leanne Shaw

    I love our little Town I feel so luck to live in shirls it guts me about king street but fingers crossed one day it will pick up xx

  29. greencoloredstar

    Take us into the kitchen with you! 🤗

  30. inlimboxyu

    These, and the lucky dips, were my favorite types of videos from you. I'm happy to listen to you chit chat : ) hello from Canada!

  31. currylover0

    Used to be on Fitness pal, until it was breeched. Now I just use a fitness tracker. Love your videos, and good luck with your weight loss goals!

  32. sali0928

    i love your art videos they relax me. i thought it was genius that you painted the tree with make up brushes!

  33. Abbie Roffey

    ab_case1 on MyFitnessPal 😊 id love to have you on there 😊😊

  34. xLouisexox3

    Question for your video- would Jordan ever do a video with you?
    And where did you and Martin meet 😁

  35. Kali Berg

    Add me on MyFitnessPal! @kalianneberg

  36. Lisa Stanley

    Lauren I have watched you ever since I started YouTube in 2007. I stopped doing videos a long time ago but I would always check back to see if you started uploading again. I just LOVE that you are posting regularly again. It truly brightens my day ❤.

  37. cjlong1100

    I wanted to send you a palette too but have no idea where to send it. Is there a PO Box or something? Also, My Fitness Pal is very helpful but be careful; they had a big data breach in the fall. I think keeping a journal of what you eat is a great help…just guard your password and email address on that platform. Meatless Monday is a good way to start with the veggie thing and Jamie Oliver’s new book VEG is fabulous. Zucchini noodles are a great pasta substitute, as is spaghetti squash. So many options! I’d love to see a cooking video…and I also enjoy the art things. It’s just nice to see you here- like an old friend. 😍

  38. Hiary Messer Franz

    I love your art videos as much as your makeup videos! And I know I'd love to see cooking ones too !!!

  39. Elsie M Cortes Cabasquini

    Would you do cooking videos? Please

  40. Cynthia Lemon

    MyFitnesspal: zengirl193 🙂

  41. Janet F

    lovely video as always ❤️

  42. star24x

    Hi lauren, love seeing your wee face back again! Just wanted to let you know about Seche Vite topcoat for nail polish. Ive used it as ny go to top coat for about 10 years and havent found anything else i prefer better. Also OPI nail envy as a base coat is an excellent shout xo

  43. Ross Gilliam

    Lauren I love this style of videos so much- casual and comfy 🙂 Just feels like chatting with an old friend! It’s so so sooo good to have you back.

    And I need a new mascara too! So win win ❤️

  44. Vicky Hannington

    Hi Lauren, personally I am so pleased you found the strength to return to us, I really missed your sparkle. I am also sad to know that inside your light was fading 😔
    My question to you is… I still often flick through your book if I need a little inspiration, do you ever open the cover and flick through it anymore? ❤️

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