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  1. SmiLe Factory

    doc can you help me i was 17 obese 240lbs now i am 18 140lbs and had large aerola this is gyne?? please help

  2. x Legion x

    21 years old dropping from 270 to 200 will i need surgery ?

  3. Emsho

    I am 14 years old . I have 200 pounds. I have gyno. When i loss weight ( i'm on diet and i go to gym) will my gyno be like this or it be smaller .

  4. Keno Williams

    I don't understand i'm 5"9 and I was 230+ and i am now 160+ But, my skin isn't that saggy i'm 15 years old.

  5. Clayton Moliver, MD

    Body contouring after large weight loss for men. Very large Gynecomastia.

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