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  1. Innov Ace

    Here’s another ahhhhmmannndd

    Where’s the ahhhhhhmmannnddddd


    Got an ahhhhhhmuhnnnnddd in mah ppoohhckkkettt

  2. misottovoce

    Interesting and humorous explanation from a chemistry perspective…but biology doesn't work that way. Dr. Sten Ekberg has a fascinating response to this video and explains what is missing from Meerman's explanation. Look it up on his playlist and search for the same title as this video.

  3. GoryionB

    This is still treating weight loss as a two body problem. 😐

  4. DrZoo

    breating intensifies

  5. Roberto García Fuentealba

    I just lost 21:25 of my time.

  6. Yesha Zion

    The wieght goes into the toilet…

  7. eli N

    Was about to ask the first question😂😂😂

  8. Nino Gegenawa


  9. Carlos Loza

    Gotta purposely "starve yourself " A.K.A fast! Fasting as human beings have done since time immemorial…. we cant and shouldn't eat all the time..

  10. JBIRD575

    At the end did he mean low carb diet or low protein…???? For depression ????

  11. Nature Nurture

    Why am I recommended this video after 6 years?

  12. Hany Saad

    "So whut the hick is going on?" I like this guy

  13. CrushOfSiel

    As a physicist I had thought about this way before! I guess that’s just our curiosity.

  14. mcconn746

    I know where the weight goes. It goes behind the couch, reproduces and then jumps back on me when I least expect it. That is where it goes.

  15. Abdullah Khalid

    Its actually The Chemistry of weight loss!

  16. Abdullah Khalid

    So from where it comes in is the same place from where it goes out.

  17. lostinthelookingglas

    I’ve drastically cut my calories and increased my exercise, but I haven’t lost a damn kilo. The only way I’m gonna lose weight is if I cut off my leg.

  18. JR Thibault

    You are THE perfect teacher. Now my main goal is to breath more and more and exhale CO2 while exercise with my bicycle. Thanks.

  19. rick

    i knew this 50 years ago in high school, but I'm still overweight. My friend had an idea for losing weight, to drink very cold water — the body burns up calories warming up the water, voila. It must work, I can't see him.

  20. Starlight Bolognese

    None of this is new; i always watched calories and as very active . Calories x activity level x your height/weight/gender

  21. nqobile sibisi


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