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  1. Snake Diet

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  2. silva

    hey cole you should publish your videos on bitchute as well. the youtube algorithm is probably suppressing you. its an easy system to link accounts so you upload to both at the same time.

  3. Rosh Lepz

    What i Eat matters because i have tumor myoma.

  4. Rzhael

    HEY FATTY!!!!

  5. Squad

    Cole, what's your opinion about meditation.
    And do you have an approach towards spirituality in some way?

  6. Ms. Mentally Fitt Motivation

    Yooo!!!! that was a challenge right there Cole lmao you said we should be at goal by July I'm in taking my pics and kicking ass on day 2 . 200 pounds to go thanks Bro!!!

  7. Fred B

    This guy spits pure gold

  8. Mystic Operators

    It’s true pron is a weapon 👈🏻

  9. palamida gheo

    i am not fat anymore but my phone still ring >hey fatty> and i still wear my big clothes from time to time so i will never forget how bad it was to be fat.and i will never buy elastic clothes again.

  10. Jessica T


  11. dashdeception

    Why does he constantly change what you should eat when he does these videos? Eat 4:1 veggies to meat, only eat raw meat, eat whatever you want, changes snake juice recipe, fast for a month, fast for a week, you don't need to fast for more than three days. And now I guess drink your piss.

  12. BushidoKi

    ive been watching Mayas journey and hes right, shes making nervious, she might get to my goal weight faster than me., and I only need about 30lbs to lose haha. I am a pussie I guess.

  13. Robert Kaminski

    I bloody love this guy!

  14. BushidoKi

    31:00 the tree of knowledge. we ate it .

  15. luke bowering

    Hey im doing 48’s ripped and loving it but on the second night i can’t sleep for shit had anybody got any suggestions??

  16. ashleywilson mommy

    Start your day with a set of balls 🙏

  17. ashleywilson mommy

    I needed to hear this more than anything thank you universe 🙏

  18. HollyBrnch

    I love you Cole!!! Hey Fatty

  19. Tai Lopez

    Few Questions, new here:
    1. Wouldn't you lose weight way too fast, thus resulting in loose skin?
    2. At such an extreme caloric deficit, wouldn't your muscle be eaten away?
    3. I've heard extreme fasting hurts your metabolism, is it true?

  20. Proof Gambino

    Stop yelling at me in Canadian aye

  21. Andrew Lawry

    Rocking that chest pump

  22. Marcus J. Grey

    I can listen to Cole being a drill sgt all goddamn day.

  23. dogliani family

    Is it a bad idea to fast with a cold? I tried a 48 hr dry fast but was encouraged to drink water to rehydrate as my sinus are clogged with mucus, what’s your opinion Cole? I’m just starting the snake diet , after having success with it a year ago ,

  24. BBz Diary

    Cole is the maaaaaan!

  25. B Mob

    Absolute pearls of wisdom thankyou.

  26. Randy Martinez

    The cold stare in the beginning is raw and unfiltered. My soul began to cry for mercy.

  27. Nicholas Chavera

    You sir are my inspiration. I've lost 110 pounds eatting once 24 hours.

  28. Ayda Ersoy

    That's AWESOME!!! Thank you for all you do!!!!

  29. Issac Valdivia

    Porn is the reason why 50% of marriages fail

  30. sam wil

    Who else thinks this guy looks unstable.

  31. VAL J

    This dude reminds me of Mickey from "Shameless"..🤣 Lots of great into though !

  32. Bintu Adam

    Your brain is fat so toxins will go straight there and cause neurological damage. Best to keep toxins out in the first place as they also kill off your gut flora.

  33. James Phillips

    Cole is a modern day prophet. Fucking truth.

  34. Crystal Marie

    You need some soap in your 👄…why all the cussing???

  35. Silver is my bitch Back up the truck

    You can say whatever you want about little fat boy cole but I just ran into his site by accident and listened for only ten minutes….here is what happened….his manner of speech and his logic mixed with drill sarge just immediately challenged me….you think I’m not disciplined son…..guess what…..I can do this……but cole gets the credit…..he triggered me…..he caused me to go ……yes…I have worked hard today in pouring rain….laying down bricks for a area I recovered from the jungle…..in a t shirt. Yes…I threw out lots of crap food…..I’m doing this …..thanks Cole

  36. Tamra Alexander


  37. Snipe Your ass

    That’s all American right there.

  38. Angelica Deveraux

    The best speech in History. Thank You for telling the truth about who messed up this world has become and how weak it is turning out to be.

  39. LTB

    "Face the fear and discomfort of fasting!" -Cole Robinson

    I needed 2 hear that plain and simple lol

  40. ben31uk

    You're the best and cheapest diet plan. Thank you you saved me a lot of money for my girlfriend 😄

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