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  1. Kat Bland

    I HAD NO IDEA YOU HAD YOUR OWN CHANNEL!! How am I just finding this after watching beauty news for over a year now!! lolol I'm so glad I found you though! Thank you for the upload! about to go on a watching binge! 😀

  2. Courtney Cooper

    i got the same, i thought i would hate the lip but i love it!!! i think the level 3 one was prob the best one yet!

  3. unknown01ify

    I picked up the L2 box and i got Mario Badescu toner, Ren vit c gel cream, rms luminizer, and the nuface smoothing serum.

  4. Renee Jordan

    Got my level 3 from fountain gate and got Sunday Riley moisturiser, Drunk Elephant makeup melting butter cleanser,Hourglass finishing veil and Origin rose clay mask……. So friggin excited to try it ALL!!

  5. Hamster Art

    my first L2 box and I got the nars lip glide in bloom, glow recipie watermelon mask, rms peach luminizer and nuface line smoothing serum. 1/2 makeup 1/2 skincare all new products for me so im pretty happy ngl

  6. sheralania transylvania

    What highlighter are you wearing? It is gorgeous!

  7. Chelle Beeby


  8. Be Be SiobhanBonni

    I need to confess (and I’m wondering if anyone else does this) I am level 3 AND a level 1 in another name because I realised I’m spending (way too much) money that I might as well get multiple beauty loop boxes. 😬

  9. Andrea LÖ

    Hey Kat, I really like your look here! What nail polish is that? Love the blue shade!

  10. Jordananana

    Thanks Kat for sharing! Always find it so interesting to see what other people got in theirs. In my L3 I got the Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder, Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana cream, Lancôme Hypnose Mascara (2ml) and a pack of the Skyn Iceland eye patches from Marion.

  11. Christi Rowland

    Wonder who are the 3 buttheads that 👎🤔🤔?? You are looking beautiful. 💗

  12. K8SW

    Nice little freebie.

  13. Wanda Crowell

    Love that lipstick on you!

  14. Vic D'Arcy

    YSL Lip Tatouage is my favourite. Doesn't last particularly well on me but shade No 7 is my perfect lipstick colour and No 16 a close 2nd!

  15. Olga G

    I really love that new haircut. looks great.

  16. BeshenayaVishnya

    This classical look suits you perfectly 😍

  17. Manuela G

    We don't have a Mecca here in Canada, but still fun to watch these little vids. You look so Christmassy (to me) today! Love that red lip with the scarf!

  18. lisa Gkill

    I’m officially ready for fall here in the us after seeing this amazing look on you😍

  19. Yely 1978

    I might say: RED is your colour! All shades and undertones 🌹🥀🌺🌷♦️♥️🔴🔺

  20. Kelly Colliver

    I got 2 different mini samples in my L2 box. I got a mini Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask and a NARS Lip Sheen. Do they typically have different things in each box?

  21. Maggie Putman

    2 days…2 videos! Love it! Beautiful Look! That lip is amazing!

  22. Vivianna Wang

    I have got my level 3 box today. You are right, I got 3 minis and 1 eye patch.

  23. Monique Calabro

    Oooo I’m level 2. I might have to get these. I’m a ren skincare fan. I’m wondering if I’ll have time tomorrow when I’m at the hospital 🤔

  24. bimboish

    I got the tatouage in shade 1 (classic red colour) otherwise my level 1 was the same as you.

  25. Gaynor Atkins

    This gets me excited for mine – I've got my fingers crossed for either this lip product or the Nars Lip Glide. I've seen some people getting Glow Recipe in L2 as well, so that's another hopeful haha. The fringe looks great!

  26. Zakiya Deliefde

    Got the exact same things as you 🙂 excited for the ysl lip product, but nothing else really

  27. KissCatchoo

    L3 here too! I got the SKYN Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 12 Corail Incandescent, SOL De Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream and Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

  28. Jasmin Milne

    I wonder what's in level 1 :/

  29. Queen Yen

    I got a L3
    And mostly skin care inside except for hour hourglass translucent powder

  30. Ella Morrison

    My level 3 box is awesome! I got hourglass setting powder mini, Sunday Riley CEO moisturizer mini, origins revitalising rose clay mini and a mini shampoo from living proof! Also got my birthday gift which was a mini highlighter from Mecca and a highlighting blush brush

  31. Zen One

    Pretty Pretty 🙂

  32. Tino Bird

    Im a L3 so got the hourglass powder mini, tatcha face cream mini (which im super excited about as ive been curious and thinking of purchasing), mascara and eye gel mask. So pretty happy with this one. Im glad that in L3 they now do 4 deluxe samples as it was pretty disappointing when they gave the foil samples. I also got a delux size sample when I did an online order for the sale items I wanted. Seems like they are picking up their game with that.

  33. Rachel Taylor

    If I happen to be near Mecca I’ll grab it, but it doesn’t look worth it to go out of my way, at all. (It’s a 40 min drive 😂)

  34. Arlet Bairan

    Tutorial on your look please

  35. kelvyv6

    I got level 2 as well. I got the nuface fixline soothing serum as well, the rms beauty sample I got was a peach luminizer and then I got a little sample jar of the new glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask and a NARS velvet glide mini. This is only my 2nd beauty loop box and I’m so far really happy with them.

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