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  1. baseer8000

    Thinner women are more attractive than fat women.

  2. Nadjah 123

    What song was played ?

  3. Ricky3p1416

    Don't believe everything your government & media tells you.

  4. Allen N

    Photoshop is here to stay. At least magazine alterations are common knowledge. Now celebrities like Beyonce use image altering software on "selfies" they take. She's been caught doing it on more than one occasion. Those are images that strongly imply they're natural when they aren't. Photoshop is here to stay. But hey, don't let me stop you from preventing the future.

  5. marita vanessa

    Its impressive as it is expected, the media is also something which is allowed by society, society allows itself to be manipulated in such ways, and generations grow weaker as media grows in 'power'. This video transmits the effects but it dos not (as many other videos on the subject) explain how the power and control of media on it's audience has come to be. 

  6. Healthee.com.au

    What is the song in this video?

  7. Grizzly Bear

    Being fat is….bad for your health over all, we don't have to encourage thin, but neither should we encourage fat , just…healthy looking and feeling

  8. XX Ace XX

    This sickened me, and as well almost made me cry. I feel that when they make all those "beautifying effects" to a woman's appearance, it takes away their beauty, and replaces it with something ugly. What we see on magazines and ads as the "perfect" complexion, is ugly. What i see normally, aka reality, is actual beauty.

  9. Andre7730

    – get over frustrated reactions effects as this clip you did here: real 'beauty' (all package, I mean- perfect physique, intelligence, personality, kindness, charisma, education, social/professional status) exists, naturally, in this world.

  10. Andre7730

    ok! we have here another frustrated fatty chick movie-making clip!… one-two good advice for you, girl:
    -magazine's covers 'beauties' are not your problem for having happy love relationships. If something must be changed is your approach to your feminine side and self esteem, accessing day by day your personality and uniqueness; Increase your strength aspects and continuously working hard with yourself but 'perfectioning' for yourself sake, no for other's sake.

  11. Maka Albarn

    But the thing is, bashing someone and hurting them isn't the way to get them to be healthy. It's like breaking someone's ankle because they can't run fast enough. Yes, obesity is unhealthy, but, we shouldn't have thin people (though I am fit myself) be superior. -No-one- should be superior.

  12. awakepal

    is it possible to have a copy of this advert. so to insert in a presentation for prevention of ed in fashion to young girls

  13. XxBEAUTY Xx

    remember this it doesnt matter how you look on the outside it madders that u has nice entechens and r caring to other people and guess what im only 10and i come from a crishtion family and i say that to people that dont think there pretty or poupuler and it makes them feel better and im only 10so remember that

  14. ose007

    I'm an amateur photoshopper myself, and being aware how these coverphotos are actually made I find airbrushed photos a huge turnoff, they look so fake and computer-generated. Natural beauty is a huge turn-on. But, as I'm also a realist, fat chicks are disgusting. Chubby and curvy is the furthest I'll go and even that is alot dependant on the face-boobs-ass-ratio. Physical aspects, though, should be the last thing on your mind when trying to attract potential girl/boyfriends.

  15. axelskull

    girl on left is what aceygirl17 thinks she looks like,
    girl on the right is what she actually looks like

  16. bayan abunijem

    Fat or not live your like

  17. Geno Dedemon

    You r cool 🙂

  18. aurora palazzo

    Because everyone knows it's hard to stop a Smoker.
    Telling a larger image person destroys them completely and makes them want to kill themselves.

  19. Jenna Williams

    If you hate it, encourage yourself to workout and excercise more. Everyone is very beautiful fat or skinny, ugly or pretty, its your personality that counts. And i love yours <3

  20. sofie wijnants

    i'm 12 and every one in my clas is really skinny. I'm normal like every doctor says but they laugh at me beceause to them i'm really fat!
    this happens all the time to a lot of people just think how they feel

  21. Hey Mickey

    Same here honey and everyone I'm around goes on and on about my weight and it's horrible but take a look at people around you. Do you think they are ugly cause there not a size 2? It's like the mirror scene in this clip; people think you're beautiful and that's all you need 🙂 Screw people who call you names, say you're ugly or not normal! Because in the end, those people aren't worth your time.

  22. Hey Mickey

    I'm a chubster and I want to loose wait but I'm not obsess because beauty grabs peoples attention but personality wins their heart.

  23. Ellie Bou

    My anorexia started at the age of 10 because my friends who weighed about 90 pounds would call themselves "fat" and because they were "fat" they were ugly. I thought I was ugly because I weighed 80 pounds. I dropped down to 60 the next year. I still am 60. And if I go a pound over. I feel ugly. All because people are so obsessed with the perfect image. Its bullshit.

  24. Daniel Holida

    Tell a smoker that smoking is bad for them and nobody bats an eye.
    Tell a fat person that being fat is unhealthy and everyone loses their mind.

  25. Daniel Holida

    Well you kind of should be. Being "fat" is unhealthy and will greatly shorten your lifespan.

  26. peytonk123

    Omg me too but i'm 11… 🙁

  27. FloatAwhile

    You are perfect. And Yes 1D would think so too, listen to Little Things! <3

  28. Marlena Anaya

    im only 12 and i feel like im over weight im like 75 pounds and i don't eat dinner as much as i use too i dont wear skirts cuz i feel that my thighs looks way to big nigi want too lose weight so bad

  29. Hailey Jones

    am i the only one who finds this offensive to models?

  30. mia2001sp64

    Whats the song called that was playing in the background?

  31. Callie Rose

    Aww, thank you so much! You're comment made my day! If you have a girl she must be so lucky! x

  32. spacedcadette

    Great video everyone needs to know this!!! You should site your sources though so people can find the original videos, like the dove campaign video in the end.

  33. Lana Kamal

    Please don't be. Enjoy your childhood and don't listen to the media's idea of beauty.

  34. Fran H

    That was perfect, our media is really screwed up, we need to stand up and show that beauty doesn't need makeup, and all women are beautiful, and all men are handsome

  35. RhaennFalls

    Unless you're only 4'2 I think you are already too skinny darlin (: Healthy is the best beautiful, because if you are too skinny your hair will get thin and brittle and you'll get skin problems and energy/mood problems, at the least. For an average 14 year old 100-110 is a healthy thin weight, and sice you still have years to grow taller I'd suggest even more, to fuel that. For now, don't try to lose any more. Just remember to eat good food and stay active, and enjoy your youth 🙂

  36. Callie Rose

    Its okay I don't care if I'm fat or not i wanna be me for me i didn't realize until now . I'll be a healthy 13 yr old girlie but don't give a damn about my weight, well to a limit. LOL i have self belief in me, at last!
    Just need to lose that tummy xD

  37. sydney ashley

    Im 14 I weigh 85 pounds and I want to be skinnier.

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