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  2. OnlineGirlPlay Gamez

    You upload this on my bday….

  3. OnlineGirlPlay Gamez

    She can only drink milk, because that's the only drink that doesn't have water since if came from cows

  4. Taylyn Langan

    Then how does she get clean

    Maybe she uses a lot of perfume

  5. The K&M Show

    But like 75% of your body is made of water…

  6. Janice Layson

    Hey what about her saliva

    No hate 😢😢😢😢

  7. KdramaLovers!


  8. GenuineWobble

    If you’re from minikin, you are a g

  9. Haneesa

    It must be the worst feeling ever, being afraid to cry, terrified of your own tears
    Pray for her guys, good bless

  10. Haneesa

    And I thought it couldn't be any worse than being allergic to sunlight. I was wrong

  11. The Dony Series

    what about things made with water like drink? I have so many questions

  12. Evelas Gaming

    Then dont put makeup on XD

  13. GeeKs

    So this is a skin 'desease' ,then how did she survive 9 months in the womb? isn't she covered in water before birth?

  14. SelenaVang OMG532

    I’m allergic to bees I figured it out when I was 8 years old

  15. Abi the Cat Gymnast

    how does she live with out drinking????????????????????????????

  16. Abi the Cat Gymnast

    i feel so bad for her.

  17. jamel fetoui

    Does she drink water?

  18. Marisol Ascencio

    Wait so she can't shower

  19. Ruqia Fadel

    It’s funny how I got a allergy add

  20. Vigor Sanchez navarro

    I don't belive this because then she can't drink anything she need to eat special things

  21. Silvia Abena Nkrumah Konadu

    But if she is thursty?

  22. E-Andres With 99

    Sucks to be her

  23. Yamina Pennington

    If i were her I wouldn’t wear makeup wtf

  24. two sisters fun

    How she brush her teeth , how she take a bath how she live the life

  25. Chris Alvarado

    Question How can she drink water and how dose she take a shower.

  26. Gold Vader

    This makes no sense because the human body is made of 60% water

  27. Biscuitism Ultra

    So She’s… FuLly sOlid mAteRiAL?

  28. Prince Solmayor

    She’s allergic in water but she have saliva

  29. Icyx Tiger

    Soooo she can only drink soda?

  30. Irish soil

    We complain about miserable and horrible life but if we look at them we would be greatful

  31. Biswadweep Borah

    You can also Tulsi leaf paste in skin probably can cure water alergy

  32. Biswadweep Borah

    Mehandi leafs from the mehandi tree make the paste and use in skin and also can use haldhi i think it can cure water alergy but don't use artificial or packageble mehandi in your skin and i forgot the name of haldhi in English ok

  33. Princess Yt 90023

    Her Diagnose makes her unique

  34. Naomi Chan U〰U

    I have normal allergies and she is allergic to water I feel so bad

  35. CandyCatCoco

    I have a brother who has this
    He doesn’t have it this bad but it’s mostly tears and stuff that give him hives

  36. Melissa villa

    Wait we people have water in our body's ! How?😕

  37. Vicky Puisan


  38. Zofia Zelichowski

    How about the vagina liquid

  39. Matt Rue

    How the fuck are you made of 80% of something you are allergic too?

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