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  1. Lana Rama

    I put sunblock on in the morning and Vaseline at night

  2. tarynproductions

    wrinkle proof pages how is that even possible??

  3. RowanBerry

    olive oil is best ….

  4. Mia Azatri

    Lol! Your so funny!!! XD

  5. TopsyTurvy

    her neck seems perfect 2 me

  6. Tia

    you are so random… its awesome! i respect that lol.

  7. ProdavackaDivu

    lmao, let's all just ban airplane bathroom mirrors!

  8. Maximummermaid


  9. gentlevoice

    Meg is hil-ar-i-ous! You gotta love her.

  10. david harel


  11. Cerah Smith

    HAHAHAHa YOU is SOOOO cool meg!

  12. honeygreentea17

    she's kidding. It's just part of her joke! 🙂

  13. Emily Kampmeyer

    Meg, you are the funniest author I know XD

  14. koxa323

    yeah!!!! it is!!

  15. k4zw41

    i will never ever ever luk at myself in da plane mirror lmao i listened to da whoel video n i fink da last peice of advice was great thanx meg:D LOOL

  16. Meg Dowell

    she's so funny! 🙂 if only all writers were as hillarious as her 🙂

  17. ellen

    Funny! Love your books too!

  18. crimps321

    I've been putting sunscreen on my neck now thanks to this video, Meg. So…thanks for warning us about the 'creping'!

  19. xenafairy3

    you and your books make me happy 🙂

  20. rainbowdoom


    o_o thank you for that.

  21. Gustavo Cap

    she is awesome and its so true!!!!!

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