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  1. John C

    thanks for nothing! thought you would use and test the product. Looks lika cheap China shit crap! Selling on wish.com for $6

  2. SkyArt

    I get shocks in my hand that i hold it in…scares me

  3. Imelda Samimi

    The very tip of the wand… Unscrew the gold attachment.
    Then you can use use other flat tip.
    Took me 5 minutes to figure it out, coz it made no sense.

  4. Davair Harris

    Can you sell me one?

  5. mary schreffler

    I used aloe vera gel

  6. Kovvuri Madhavi

    I want the.needil give me rate and details 9059821287


    how long battery can be used for ?

  8. Marcella Felice

    Can this pen be safely used on my thighs which are often aching… both my hips were fully replaced, my femurs are now titanium….

  9. Bee_is_Me _

    Very well demonstrated …. I've had an Audible one different make in the past but lost it …. this one is really good … I got my off Amazon and was looking to see if any reviews here on YouTube … mine cost me £30 off Amazon and has a scraping attachment and roller attachment too … the scraper must be a kind of acu gua sha lol

  10. Fern Schattner

    Does this not have the potential to locomote an otherwise stable blood clot

  11. tink14

    So what's it used for then?

  12. Sheku Banya

    Hi ,How can l buy one.Dr,Sean? keep on hearing from you,Cheers. Sheku Banya.

  13. Maria Ligas

    C'è una spiegazione in italiano?


    No TENS is FES.

  15. ryuno2097

    I get muscle spasms when I use this device. I wonder if that is normal.

  16. Glfjunke 2

    Is this safe for a person with a pacemaker?

  17. Beverly Otjen

    Please show from the beginning how each piece goes together from start to finish. PLEASE

  18. Amanda Martinez

    You can use aloe vera gel or any moisturizer for the face a use wide tip for the face

  19. Ron Clark

    MERIDIAN ACUPUNCTURE PEN is cheap made and completes the circuit from the holder to the point of contact. i do not like it as much as other manufacturers. Dr. Clark

  20. SantisandKisin

    thank you, i wonder how does that compare to ACU PEN ELECTRONIC ACUPUNCTURE STIMULATOR

  21. Sean Thompson

    🙂 I had fun with this…

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