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  1. Mi Ri Jung

    Message from…??? Your readings seems more as a message to..! 😂Thank you for your hard work

  2. Madison Buratt

    Resonates perfectly!

  3. YoungYummy

    Treated him like a husband when he treated me like a pet.

  4. YoungYummy

    God will present a man with a diamond but he'll go out and dig for crystals.

  5. YoungYummy

    As usual the man wants the woman who got away due to their immature whorish toxic actions.

  6. YoungYummy

    It's too late. Men need to realize women aren't a piece of meat. You don't pick and choose and look over your significant other. I just don't get why cheat when you can easily tell him/her you don't want to be with them anymore. Instead time is gone, energy, money and emotion. You can't get time back. At this point I am terrified of relationships, I had to ghost him in order to protect my soul and sanity.

  7. Tonyagets Real

    Not enough of Anything. Done done done. Life is to short to be guessing and left curious.

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