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  1. LoveBug Loves

    Don't you just want to touch it❤

  2. ronjr1177

    Shooting star lol..

  3. Jesse I. Santra

    It seemed like a car's headlights

  4. Slavakris126

    You're all staring right at the firmament and light from heaven. God loves you and faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved.

  5. Hani

    The shooting star occurs at 0:07 at the top left side of the screen. What we see at 0:33 is a car's headlights as it passes by.


    only to the untrained eye – sorry but "shooting stars" are not capable of leaving reflective lens flare's on shutter stock at night. the light split into two and widened as it got closer to the scene which states that its either something behind the camera such as headlights reflecting of the prism or …….something else entirely 👉👽👈 maybe dose guys !….👍🤪👍

  7. Rainier Alfonzo

    That was a nice UFO 😉

  8. Domingo De Anda

    So beautiful!

  9. Stephen


  10. Ginger Price

    beautiful, thank you RT. I hope to see the Lights one day with my loved ones.

  11. RamblingRose

    It looks like there's an RT news feed in heaven! Taking up the whole sky! It's the same green!

  12. sleepless

    Looks gay. Putin must ban these lights.

  13. Savage Nectar

    FF7 Mako Energy .

  14. BreakTheSilence

    Any chemists or physicists here?
    Is the green, ionized Oxygen/Ozone (O² / O³)?

  15. Mr Azlan the Landlord

    Can’t see the shooting star…

  16. Instagram AfricanDrums

    Feel like smoking some Northern lights

  17. redneck_how-lee

    0:34 @ .25x speed. pretty sure thats a cars headlights….

  18. 7192179


  19. jamie foyers

    Are you sure that ain't one of Elon Musk's satellites going past there?. If it was…time to "bag me a satellite boy…"..Damn technology ruining the night sky!.

  20. Lizavetka

    I live in Murmansk lol

  21. sojuuuuux7

    Anyone know this music?

  22. Reinhard Gellen

    I visit this region sometimes in the late 70-ys . Whats beauty ??!! A frozen hell of doomed Arctic, surrounded by a frozen hell of Barents Sea.

  23. John M Gannon

    This is a time laps but the stars don't move at all so its probably all fake even the trees .

  24. Dena Oberski

    Thats more than a shooting star

  25. Mile Jukic

    This proves the Earth is flat, and the piece of the dome broke apart.

  26. Thirteenth Tribe

    A Guardian Angel. They when I commune are typically about 15 feet tall. If indoors they scale their size. Michael is special helper to Christians.

  27. Clarion Lansangan


  28. YouKnow Who


  29. Jess Q

    Is it always only green? I thought it was supposed to be many different colors

  30. Omegaperfectstorm !

    "The Flower Essence of My Aether" ……. olivia💋

  31. wW7R985XXjAVkb4P

    It's beautiful

  32. Fiona Clacken

    Absolutely beautiful wow ❤❤❤💯

  33. John Pines

    I wish I can find a single attractive Russian girl, I would leave the US for Russian, marry her and have many Russian children = )

  34. Matthew Meditz

    This proves that Epstein didn't kill himself

  35. T Gosselin

    The quick streak at 0:07, top left of screen, could possibly be I guess but the flash of light at 0:34 most certainly isn't. Slowed down you can clearly see a see of headlights reflected on the camera.

  36. Astto

    What shooting star? Just looked like lens flare from a car going past.

  37. John May

    5 dislikes really

  38. Chi Rho

    Emerald city the straw man without a brain the zionist without a heart and the bot .
    off to follow the sun to see the wonderful wizard of oz , dorothy's has her best silver shoes
    on the way meet the wicked rothchild of the west and wicked rockerfella of east
    but toto sniffs out the dodgy old git behind the green door .and reality as we know it implodes

  39. Tazboy

    Star war

  40. High Beyond

    A car actually.

  41. BaronVonTacocat

    0:33 = Rick

  42. KnightInShiningASMR

    My wish is for success and prosperity for all peoples of the Russian Federation!!

  43. Stu Hud

    Your shooting star is a commercial Jet!

  44. summer breeze


  45. Jack Public

    Not a shooting star

  46. Greg Hinson

    Odd looking shooting star

  47. Jimmy Cook

    Looks more active than usual
    Beautiful to look at

  48. Imranmostafa saad

    This natural video needs 100M views

  49. Macca Macca


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